Bonuses and promotions Bq Marathonbet

Бонусы букмекерской работы Marathon

A variety of bonus systems betting company (BC) Marathonbet will surprise even the most seasoned player. Special attention in the company is paid to run the race. The proposed review of the bonus program of BC Marathonbet.

Bonus system, for races and run

BK Marathonbet offers its clients bonuses in the "Lucky 15, 31 and 63". Interesting system works in the following way – the customer who has concluded a bet in the "Lucky 15, 31 and 63" at the races or the run, in the case of determining the winner if a player has been guessed only one set of numbers, BK doubles your winnings.

The prize for two winners

This offer BK Marathonbet, also applies at the races and run. Conditions of this bonus scheme is that in the case of the game were disqualified one of the two winners, who the player has made their bet, the company definitely will make a payout. But! A prerequisite is that the bet must be placed by the player on assumed both the winners and one of the selected, must become real.

Betting on the maximum odds

Gambling lovers will be interested in this bonus option. In the case of early betting before the race was set the interest rate according to the condition of the minimum ratio, and since the beginning of the game the ratio will rise, the payout of a winning bet is made according to the maximum ratio.

"Advance rate"

Interesting advance the bet is possible in the case of Unallocated bets. This program is Live and the bets only for two days before the start of the game. The player who made both bets pabout 500 rubles at odds 2.0, and if the balance residual sum of 200 roubles, can make another the second and the third bid in the amount of 500 rubles.

Anyone who took part in the "Advance rate", in the coupon is displayed on the "Calculate available advance". By visiting this option, the player can determine the amount of the advance. Suppose the bookmaker Marathonbet player has allocated 500 rubles advance. The player wants to make a bet in the amount of 700 rubles. Then he puts his 300 rubles and 400 rubles, the company allocated in advance. The amount of the advance payment will be automatically withdrawn in case of a win. In case of force majeure situations, the office will self-heal possible costs.

Free bet from BK Marathonbet

This feature is always linked to great sports activities, games, events. The bet can be placed free in that case, if it is made on a single sporting event. Player company pays an interest-free winnings.