Parimatch / Parimatch bonuses and specials. offers at check - how to get

Бонусы букмекерской конторы Пари-Матч

Bookmaker Pari-Match was one of the first Russian participants of the betting market, switched to legal work. Office is popular with customers and offer them several bonus offers to make the game more profitable. All they are focused on increasing user activity. Bonuses offered when you register existing programs is not provided.

"A match"

The bonus provides players with a every day access to several top events, which are elevated odds for the rest of the amount of available matches.


The bonus is an additional line with enhanced odds on offer outcomes. It can be used in the design of rates by the Express, however, she must include at least three events. When using lines with higher ratios have limitations, in particular interest rate must not exceed 29 thousand rubles, and the maximum allowable final factor is not more than 2000.


The main bonus offer offices to its clients. The bonus is available only to customers who registered before April 2018. The meaning of the sentence "Bet+" is charging the player for every wager of a certain amount of bonus points. Their amount depends on the bet amount and the number of events included in the coupon. In the future the points can then be redeemed by the user at any convenient point on the real money credited to the account and available for withdrawal.