Bookmakers Chelyabinsk addresses of collection points BK

On the territory of Chelyabinsk has about a dozen different BK with the total number of betting more than forty. The addresses of their offices you will find in the continuation of this article. Most offices in this city the League Rates and F. O. N., but some other well-known companies there is also enough places for betting. Usually find them the easiest closer to the center of Chelyabinsk.It also makes sense to remind all fans to bet on sports that this does not necessarily find the offices of one or another of BK. Everyone can just open our bookmaker rating best bookmakers and online betting from the comfort of home. But which way to bet, everyone has the right to decide for himself. After all the betting through Internet presence known BC, as well as visit their real offices are in demand among the batters is approximately the same.

A list of bookmakers Chelyabinsk



Chelyabinsk representation of the bookmaker (to call its staff to clarify any details by phone (0 800 50-19-05) located in different districts of the city:

  • square Mopra, 7,
  • on the Komsomol prospectus, d. 110,
  • in the Sverdlovsk prospectus, d. 51A,
  • on Gagarin street, d. 5B,
  • on the street of Young guards, d. 53.



Support this bookmaker is available at +7 800 700-29-90 at any time of the day. And do his betting everyone will find five different areas of the city:

  • on highway of Metallurgists, d. 25, in the premises from 14th to 16 th,
  • in the street Plehanova, d. 107,
  • in the street Plehanova, d. 73,
  • on Gagarin street, d. 29,
  • on Tchaikovsky street, d. 147.



At bookmaker Betsiti also has a couple of offices in Chelyabinsk:

  • in the street Plehanova, d. 95Б,
  • on the street of Kirov, d. 9A.

And additional information can be obtained over the phone. To do this, simply call the staff of the bookmaker on the hotline 8 800-502-4210.



Your three betting shops in Chelyabinsk have the bookmaker Zenith. They need to look for in the following locations:

  • on the Komsomol prospectus, d. 8,
  • on the street 50 years VLKSM, d. 10,
  • on the street of Stepan Razin, d. 6.


League Betting

Much more the Chelyabinsk office of the League Rates. In total, there are about a dozen. To call the hotline which is possible by phone 8 800 5555-173. And the offices of the betting at this bookmaker are:

  • square Mopra, 10,
  • on the Avenue Komsomol, d. 16,
  • in the Sverdlovsk prospectus, d. 51A, in the shopping center Metropolis
  • in the Sverdlovsk prospectus, d. 7,
  • on 8 March, 54,
  • in the street Plehanova, d. 95Б,
  • on the street Heroes of Tankograd., 75,
  • on the street Kurchatov, d. 23B, book center.


Paris Match

A couple of the Chelyabinsk missions are, and Wager Match. Call the staff of this BC everyone is welcome at +7 800 100-92-48. And in order to bet enough to go:

  • on Lenin Avenue, d. 9,
  • on the street Voroshilov, d. 35.


F. O. N.

Its four offices on the territory of Chelyabinsk have this office. To find people with the bookie and make a bet on any sports event you can:

  • square Mopra, 7,
  • on the Avenue of Victory, d. 390А,
  • on the street 50 years VLKSM, d. 10,
  • on Gagarin street, d. 9.

And in order to contact representatives of the BC F. O. N. in phone mode, just dial the number 8 800 100-7234.


Sports betting

This humble local bookie bets on sports events at the following address:

  • on the street of Kirov, d. 74, in a shopping complex "Europe-Asia".