Bookmakers Krasnoyarsk addresses of collection points BK

On the territory of Krasnoyarsk are about a dozen bookmakers. If you wish to make transactions online, you can access our ranking of the best BC in the network, and choose among them the most suitable resource. And to find the nearest Krasnoyarsk betting shops, just check out the information below.


A list of bookmakers Krasnoyarsk


Bingo Boom

This office in Krasnoyarsk four representative offices. They are:

  • Prospekt imeni gazety Krasnoyarsk worker, d. 152Г,
  • Prospekt imeni gazety Krasnoyarsk worker, d. 30A,
  • according to Interfax, d. 6A,
  • on the street high-rise., 2G.

To clarify all the details regarding betting over the phone. It is enough to dial the hot line number BK Bingo Boom: +7 800 333-30-36.



Five of the Krasnoyarsk betting are sports betting BALTBAT to contact customer support which is available by phone +7 800 700-29-90. When you learn all the necessary information on the work of the bookmaker and decide that it makes sense to bet, you can safely go into one of the offices of BALTBAT. They are located at:

  • on the street red, D. 97, liter E,
  • Prospekt imeni gazety Krasnoyarsk worker, 120B,
  • on Prospekt Mira, d. 94,
  • on the street Spring, 6D,
  • on the street Shcherbakova, d. 11, letter B.



A couple of offices on the territory of Krasnoyarsk and are available with this bookmaker. To find out all the details of betting on sports events, it is enough to call his staff by phone 8 800-502-4210. But to make the deal or get paid can:

  • on the prospectus of Metallurgists, D. 51Ж, room 3,
  • according to Interfax, D. 6A.



Zenith in Krasnoyarsk at the moment, there are six betting shops. To contact the customer support by phone number +7 381 298-51-93. But to bet on one of the upcoming sports events, need to be addressed:

  • Prospekt imeni gazety Krasnoyarsk worker, d. 91,
  • on Prospekt Mira, d. 45G,
  • according to Interfax, d. 6A,
  • on Voroshilov street., 42,
  • on the street high-rise, 2,
  • on the street Yastynskaya, D. 16.


League Betting

Pair of Krasnoyarsk offices are open and League Rates. To enclose your bet should find the mission office:

  • on-street Ada Lebedeva, 64A,
  • street Aerostation, d. 17.

And to ask a number of questions to representatives of the company, not necessarily immediately flee at the address above. Because League Betting support is available by phone. To contact the operators by phone number 8 800 5555-173.



The BK Olympus now has three of the Krasnoyarsk office. To clarify all the details regarding betting in this office, please, call +7-727-327 13 86. And to place a bet, you need to come to office located at:

  • on Karl Marx Avenue, d. 51,
  • on the street Matrosova, d. 2A,
  • in the street life d. 2A.


F. O. N.

Also three betting shops work with this bookmaker. Find them in Krasnoyarsk is a snap, as they are:

  • on the Avenue of Metallurgists, d. 53G, room 1,
  • in the street Molokova, d. 21,
  • in the street life d. 2A, room 23.

If before you make a deal, you'll want to know all the details of the work of the office, you can contact the staff by phone. Hotline BC F. O. N. always available for everyone at number 8 800 100-7234.


Blitz bingo

This company not only sells lottery tickets, but also accepts bets on various sport events. Call this company, please, call +7 391 252-47-34, and you can find in Krasnoyarsk is easy:

  • on the street, Dubno, D. 4Ж.