Bookmaker offices of Novosibirsk - addresses of collection points BK

In Novosibirsk, as in any other major city in Russia, there are a lot of bookmakers. If you wish to bet in their offices and not on the Internet (for betting online, you can use our rating best BK), below you will find a list of representations of various bookmakers on the territory of Novosibirsk.


List of bookmaker offices of Novosibirsk



This popular local firm, to contact you over the phone, please, call 0 800 50-19-05, currently opened in Novosibirsk five of its offices. They are located:

  • Street Guryev, D. 66.
  • On the street Koshurnikova, d. 11/1.
  • On the street Koshurnikova, D. 45.
  • On the street Michurina, d. 12A.
  • On the street Plakhotnogo, h. 2B.


Bingo Boom

This BK in this town there are three offices, which are:

  • On Karl Marx Avenue, d. 47.
  • In the street Dusi Kovalchuk, 179/2 D..
  • On the street Kropotkina, d. 271.

Also support Bingo Boom you can talk over the phone, make a call to the hot line 8 800 333 30 36.



The number of points of BK BALTBAT Novosibirsk is ahead of Moscow. This office, call that number 8 800 700-29-90, has in six offices. They are:

  • On Karl Marx Avenue, d. 30/1.
  • In the street Bolshevist, d. 43/1.
  • On the street D. don, D. 41.
  • On the street Kropotkina, d. 130/7.
  • On the street Michurina, 12B.
  • Guinobatan shosse 20.>



But Betsiti (hot line number this BK 8 800 502-4210) in Novosibirsk only four points of betting. They are located:

  • On Karl Marx Avenue, d. 30/1, apt. No. 106.
  • On the street Michurina, d. 12B.
  • On the street Michurina, d. 12A.
  • In the street Pisarev, D. 42.


League Betting

The League Rates, which can call in by dialing 8 800 5555-173, on the territory of Novosibirsk has two facilities today. You can find them:

  • On the street Petukhov, D. 67.
  • On the street Knitting., 64.



In this AU (to clarify any information you need from its representatives can be on the hotline number +7-495-740-96-49) in this town also two offices. They are located:

  • On the street Michurina, d. 12B.
  • In the street October, d. 42, korp. 1, of. 110/7.


F. O. N.

Novosibirsk offices of BK F. O. N. can be found at the following locations:

  • On the street Vatutina, d.19.
  • On the street B. Khmelnitsky, d. 72.
  • On Vokzalnaya Magistral, 1.

And to call it by phone 8 800 100-7234.



There are in Novosibirsk, and the offices of BK Zenit. To call the office, please, call +7 383 299-69-08, and the point of reception of rates is not difficult to find:

  • In the street Bolshevist, d. 43/1,
  • On the street Michurina, d. 12B.



There is one Novosibirsk office and BC Fonbet call in which you can type numbers +507 832-1515.
It is located:

  • On the street Michurina 12A.



This office, contact our support team which is available by phone +7 383 224-35-66, in Novosibirsk there are two points of betting:

  • In the street Pisarev, D. 42,
  • On the street Michurina, d. 12B.



This lottery center, call that number +7 383 209-15-82, also has its representative offices in Novosibirsk:

  • On the Red prospectus, d. 12/51,
  • On Blucher street, d.19.



This office (room hot line +7 800 333-30-36) opened in Novosibirsk one office:

  • in the street Soviet, d. 37A.

The business portal is also engaged in accepting bets. To clarify all the details of his staff members at +7 383 335-65-91, and the office of the company you will find:

  • on the street Lenina, 89/1.


OOO Sibforester

The trade group began working on the market recently. Call it by phone +7 383 287-20-68, and her office is located:

  • on the street Linear, d. 28.



At this office (telephone number +7 383 220-17-59) the office is open:

  • on Vokzalnaya Magistral, 1.




Main Novosibirsk office of the BC (call it the hot line number +7 383 236-77-55) is:

  • in the street Dusi Kovalchuk, 179/2 D..


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