Bookmakers Perm - addresses of collection points BK

In Perm work about ten well-known bookmakers. Don't forget that if you want to bet you can and through the Internet. For this you can just search our rankings of the best firms online, and choose the appropriate resource. If you want to walk to the point of betting on one of the Perm streets, then just use the information below.


A list of bookmakers Perm



This domestic offices there are five offices Perm. To specify any details about their work the employees of the company in the telephone mode (to do this simply dial the hot line number 0 800 50-19-05). And to place a bet, you must go to one of the betting:

  • on the Boulevard Gagarin 77,
  • on the street Krupskaya, d. 31,
  • on the street Lunacharskogo, 75,
  • in the street World, d. 113,
  • at prospect Park, d. 31/1.


Bingo Boom

BK Bingo Boom accepts bets on various sport events in all three of his Perm offices. To find them will be easy:

  • at prospect Park, d. 23,
  • on the street Popova D. 58,
  • on the street Siberian, d.19.

And to talk with representatives of the office on the phone to find out all the nuances of betting, please, call +7 800 333-30-36.



Your office in Perm there and BALTBAT. To call the employees of this company and find out any details about the line ratios and the rules of betting, simply dial the hot line number +7 800 700-29-90. And for the bet or winning should be approached:

  • onface Lebedev, D. 9.



Also one of the Perm representative office opened this known in Russia and CIS office. It is located:

  • on the street Lunacharskogo, d. 56.

And to get more information without coming to the office, you should dial the telephone number 8 800-502-4210. Betsiti and staff will gladly answer all your questions.



Exactly the same Perm betting and Zenith. The office of the bookie is:

  • on the street of Kuibyshev, d. 96.

To consult with workers in offices by phone, call the number +7 381 298-51-93.


League Betting

And here is the League of Bets in Perm opened two representative offices. You can find them:

  • on Krylov street., 1,
  • in the street Lebedev, 13.

In addition, at any time a variety of information on betting on one of the sporting events you can get on the hot line of the bookmaker. It is available after the set of numbers 8 800 5555-173.



Bet Perm with bookmakers Olympus in the office that works:

  • on the street Siberian, d. 19B.

Over the phone the employees of the company are available for consultation at +86 7-727-327 13.



BC Rus-Teletot opened in Perm two betting shops. They are:

  • at prospect Park, 31/1,
  • on the street Pushkarsky, 55.

To consult with employees of the office over the phone is very simple. It is enough to dial the number +7 919 609-42-72.


F. O. N.

One of the leaders in the number of points in Perm among all bookmakers is F. O. N. The company in this city has five offices. To find them easy:

  • on ulitsa Pisareva 10A,
  • at prospect Park, 31/1,
  • on the street Pervomayskaya, 14,
  • in the street Soldatov, D. 31A,
  • on highway of Cosmonauts, d. 4.

If before you go to the office bookie, you decide to find out details of betting and any other important information, simply get in touch with the employees by phone 8 800 100-7234.



At BK a Chance, which you can call the number +7 908 279-41-11, in Perm there is one betting shops. Is it:

  • on the street of Kuibyshev, d. 97A.