Bookmakers Samara - addresses of collection points BK

On the territory of Samara betting involved more than a dozen bookmakers. Find their offices at the addresses presented below. Also don't forget that in order to place a bet via the Internet, you can access the ranking of the best online bookmakerspresented on our website, and choose a suitable office.


A list of bookmakers Samara



This famous native of BC, to contact support, which will be number 0 800 50-19-05, working ten Samara offices. To find them will not be difficult in the following locations:

  • on Prospekt Metallurgov, d 75,
  • on the streets of Aurora, d. 110,
  • on the street Dimitrov, D. 101, building 1,
  • street Garage, d. 10,
  • on the street of Kirov, d. 180Б,
  • on the street Novo-Sadovaya, d 106
  • in Victory street, d. 71,
  • in the street Samara, d. 227,
  • on the street of Samara/Leo Tolstoy, D. 99/77,
  • on the street of Stara Zagora, D. 202.


Bingo Boom

Representation of BC Bingo Boom, a support staff which will answer all your questions at +7 800 333-30-36 is:

  • on the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy., 7.



A sufficient amount of the Samara betting available from the BC BALTBAT. You can find them at the following locations:

  • on the Avenue of Kirov, d. 180Б,
  • on Prospekt Metallurgov, d 75,
  • on the street, Vladimir/Prospekt Karla Marksa, d. 88/9, letter A4,
  • on the street Democratic, d. 11A,
  • on the street Kakhovka, d. 21,
  • on the street the Guerrilla, d. 56,
  • on the street of Stara Zagora, D. 202.

And to clarify any details, everyone can easily and the phone just dialing the hotline bookie +7 800 700-29-90.



His office on the territory of Samara have this office. Its employees will gladly answer all your questions over the phone if you call by phone 8 800-502-4210. And the cash Desk of bookmaker everyone can easily find:

  • on the street of Stara Zagora, D. 202.



Samara five points of betting are waiting for their clients and BK Zenit. To consult on any matter relating to wagering on sporting events and the hot line number +7 381 298-51-93. But bets are taken and payments are made at the Zenith directly:

  • street Airfield, 47A,
  • on the street Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy 7,
  • on the street Krasnoarmeyskaya, d. 1A,
  • on the street Michurina, d. 15, TTC,
  • on the street Sports, d. 4.


League Betting

The League Rates in this city there are four representative offices. They are located:

  • on the Avenue of Metallurgists, d. 78,
  • on the Airfield street, D. 47, letter A,
  • on the street Sports, d. 11A,
  • on the street Cheremshansky, D. 140.

And in order to get answers to any questions over the phone, simply call the League staff at the number 8 800 5555-173.



Call the employees of this office by phone of a hot line +86 7-727-327 13. Himself Samara office of Olympus is:

  • on the streets of Aurora, d. 92.>


F. O. N.

With this bookmaker in Samara there are four betting shops. You can find them:

  • on the street Novo-Sadovaya, d 106
  • in the street Revolutionary, d. 70,
  • Young Pioneers, D. 166А,
  • on the Moscow highway, d. b/n, liter E.

Also, anyone who would like to clarify any information betting operates a telephone hot line. It is available at the number 8 800 100-7234.


Bookmaker Pub

The office of the bookie is:

  • on the street Novo-Sadovaya, d. 106Г in the Zvezda.

And to contact customer support, simply dial the number +7 800 777-70-89.



Its Samara office have BC Favorite. It is located:

  • on Krasnoarmeiskaya str., 1A, shopping center Parus.

Also any information anyone can clarify over the phone, at the number +7 800 555-00-63.


Bet Club

This Sportsbook, call your representatives which is available by phone +7 800 100-69-34, taking bets:

  • on the Moscow highway, d. 6, liter ЕЕ1.