Bookmakers Voronezh - addresses of collection points BK

As in other Russian cities, Voronezh easily you can find the office of one of the most popular bookmakers. If you have a desire to bet on any of sports events without leaving home or office, then select a suitable resource that will help the ranking of the best domestic and foreign BC. But if you still want to go to the nearest point of betting, you will help to find the information from this article.


A list of bookmakers Voronezh



In Voronezh there was a place thirteen missions of this CD. Finding them is simple:

  • on the street Parkhomovich, d. 4A,
  • in the street southern-Moravian, 21B,
  • on the street Peshestreletskaya., 109,
  • on the street Krasnoznamennaya, d. 79A,
  • in the street Novosibirsk, D. 13B,
  • on the street Nikitinskaya, 42.,
  • on Plekhanovskaya street., 43V,
  • on the Avenue Moscow, d. 7E,
  • in the street lizyukova, d. 38Е,
  • in the street of Vladimir Nevsky, d. 55G,
  • on Leninsky Prospekt, d. 116Е,
  • on the street of Lomonosov, d. 2B,
  • on the street Suvorov, D. 153В.

To figure out any issues regarding the work of the office can be and the telephone number 8 800 555-51-81.


Bingo Boom

Much smaller offices in Voronezh, BK Bingo Boom. But at any time its employees are willing to share the terms of cooperation, and other important information by phone 8 800 333-30-36. And the offices of the company, you should look for:

  • on the street Nikitinskaya, 42.,
  • in the street Charles Marx, d. 68,
  • on Leninsky Prospekt, d. 116Е.



The BK seven Voronezh representative offices. To discuss with the operators office odds, line and other details, simply dial the number 8 800 700-29-90. But to make the deal possible in the following points:

  • on the street Oleko Dundicha, d. 2,
  • on the street Chebyshev, d. 5, liter 3,
  • on the street Koltsovskaya, d. 58, letter A,
  • street holzunova, d. 117A,
  • on Moscow Avenue, d. 7E,
  • on Victory Avenue, 30,
  • outside birch Grove, d. 1E.



Several offices of the BC Betsiti always glad Voronezh fans of bets. For those who wish to first communicate remotely, the hot line works. To make a call, one should dial +7 800 100-74-75. And you can bet in one of the following PPS:

  • on Revolution Avenue., 21A,
  • in the street lizyukova, d. 50, at the Mall Hardware,
  • on the street Dimitrova, d. 47.



About a dozen of their points there in Voronezh and BK Zenit. Any information about their work can be obtained from the comfort of home. For this you need to contact Bq on +7 381 298-51-93. But to make a deal in one of the following locations:

  • on the Avenue Moscow, d. 10,
  • on the Avenue of Patriots, 5A,
  • on the street Dimitrova, d. 56A,
  • on the street Komissarzhevskaya, 5,
  • in the street lizyukova, d. 56,
  • in the street Novosibirsk, D. 13B,
  • on Plekhanovskaya street., 1,
  • on Plekhanovskaya street., 51G.


League Betting

Voronezh branch of the League of Betting should look for:

  • on the street Komissarzhevskaya, D. 15B.

Alsoe operators of this BK will gladly answer a variety of questions on number 8 800 5555-173.


F. O. N

Guide BK Fonbet on the territory of Voronezh tried to open the maximum number of offices. To find them will be easy:

  • on Revolution Avenue, d. 33,
  • on the Boulevard of the Victory, d. 30,
  • at Victory Boulevard, 50,
  • on the Leninsky prospect, d. 172,
  • on Leninsky Prospekt, d. 133A,
  • on the Moscow Avenue, d. 53,
  • on the street 20 years of October, d. 119,
  • on 9 Jan., 177Г,
  • street Generala lizyukova, d. 4,
  • on the street Dimitrova, d. 47,
  • on the street Kursk, d. 66B,
  • on the street Juliusa Janonis, 1.

As in any self-respecting office, BK F. O. N. a number of operators. Contact them to obtain diverse information by phone 8 800 100-7234. So you will learn all about the terms and conditions and other details of cooperation with the bookie.