How to authenticate in the office Melbet foreign nationals

Идентификация иностранцев в бк Melbet

Melbet – online bookmaker, which operates legally. Like all Russian legal bookmaker Melbet is a partner of CUPIS, therefore, comply with the rules of this structure. One of the rules – the mandatory identification of each player, i.e. a confirmation of his personality. Identity online in Melbet for foreigners and Russian citizens no different. About this procedure we will talk further.

The stages of identification

For a start it is necessary to pass procedure of registration on the website of the bookmaker. It lasts a few minutes. The client is invited to fill out a short questionnaire. Important point: in this step, you specify the correct information. Incorrect data will cause problems at the stage of identification in Melbet.

Identity online in Melbet may be conducted via Skype. After completing registration you will be contacted by a representative office, which will conduct a short interview. In its course you need to bring a detailed passport to the camera, so that the technician could verify the data entered with the actual. Communication via Skype lasts no longer than 5 minutes.

That's all! Then you can Deposit money and start to bet on Melbet website. You can not worry about possible locks or deception. Melbet – a legal bookmaker, which is subject to CUPIS. Your consumer rights are protected in any case.