Identification of BK Winline - how to register

Как пройти идентификацию в БК Winline

Patriotic bookmaker Winline refers to the number of market participants offering their services on the Internet legally, and are guided in the work requirements of domestic legislation. They, in turn, require identification of each player, betting on sports via the Internet or in the offices of the bookmaker.

Accordingly, the complicated procedure of registration for all new players, requiring additional steps to verify the identity of the client.

Videogid on how to check and identify the person in a betting company Winline

Identification in Winline

Anyone wishing to register in BC Winline to games need to run some sequence of actions. First register on the website bookmaker. This procedure takes a minimal amount of time and involves filling out a short questionnaire. The only requirement is that the current information, since otherwise a player in the future will not be able to be identified.

It should be noted that become customers of BK Winline users only, located on the territory of Russia. For players from other countries, including neighboring, such a possibility is not provided.

Next, check CUPIS. The cost center translation online betting is designed for the tracking of all bets made by sports fans on the Internet. This system is designed to ensure transparency of betting in Russia. The company is included in the Winline withthe remaining participants First CUPIS, and therefore need to register on the website of the organization. It will just take a few minutes and will require confirmation of the specified telephone number by entering the code received via SMS.

Registration CUPIS is done only once, so if you have an account and re-get it is not required.

After this is identified separately in COUPES and Winline. For CUPIS user authentication is carried out in salons operator "Euroset" and is paid. It will cost 100 rubles. The operator will need to provide is a passport, saying what identification needs to be carried out. At the same time specifies the telephone number to which system will send notification of the completion of identification procedures in CUPIS.

Identification in most of BK is carried out in two ways. In the first case, you need to go with passport in one of the offices of the company, a list of which is available on its official website. In the second case, the procedure can take place remotely via Skype. This is required when you sign in to choose the authentication via Skype. After you open the video, it will be enough through the screen to show the employee in expanded form passport for comparison with the data entered during registration.

This is all preliminary procedures are completed. We can only spend the balance purchase one of the offered by the administration bookie ways and you can enjoy the game without fear of locking of offices or any illegal actions on her part. Legal status of the bookmaker makes use of its services absolutely safe for sports fans.

How to indefikatsii in the Winline?

Ineficacia Winline - is the personal data verification procedure usersignal bookmaker. The company offers customers to be identified in one of two ways:

  • At the point of reception of rates Winline. In this case, you need to come in PPS the bookmaker, to present a passport and report the password from SMS.
  • In the Skype. You can assign any convenient time for a call in Skype, the employee Winline will contact you to verify passport data.

How much time to pass the identification Winline?

Identification in Skype takes about 5 minutes. The cashier at the point of reception of rates verify personal data in 3-5 minutes. After authentication is completed you will be able to fill up the game balance and make your first bet.