How to register in Bq BALTBAT?

Как зарегистрироваться в букмекерской конторе БалтБет

Bookmaker Bestbet is one of the most popular site for betting in Russia. To become a user BaltBet only after passing through several stages of identification, which are dictated by the legal status of the site. In this article we will explain how to register, BK BALTBAT quickly and without problems.

Registration and identification in Bq BALTBAT

Main stages of registration in Bq BALTBAT

In order to get an account on the official site of the bookie BALTBAT, you need to:

  • To visit the real point of betting the company's personal documents for identification of better.
  • To register Cupie Kiwi Bank and your identity.
  • Register directly on the website of BK BALTBAT.

After all the necessary conditions of the Russian bat gets a fully working account, which you can freely fill up and start betting. A withdrawal will be as trouble free from the first day make full use of the functionality of the website.

Visit the real PPP of BK BALTBAT and identity

This rule allows the bookmaker to start betting on their website only after personal identification of better in one of the real PPP. Addresses of all offices can be found at the official site.

For full review and addition of your data in a single system the bookmaker will need to bring a passport. One of the operators of separation checks, will help with Zapanoniem special form, and will complete the identification by entering a code, which in the end will come on your mobile phone.

Then you can move on to the second stage.

Registration and identification in Supise company QIWI

Like any other legal bookmaker BaltBet company cooperates with CAPICOM, which acts as a regulatory mediator in the bilateral transactions to transfer money.

In the case of BALTBAT, the mediator company QIWI. It is on the website and need to create an account and go through his complete identification.

Registration will not take much time and require entering the same phone number that was used in PPS. On the other hand, to identify again have to visit a real office. The choice varies between offices QIWI and "Euroset".

Final registration in Bq BALTBAT

After doing all of the above requirements, you can proceed to the last step – registration of BK BALTBAT.

Регистрация на сайте букмекера Балтбет

To create an account you will need to use the data that was received at the time of identification in the betting shops.

Заполнение полей при регистрации на сайте бк Балтбет

If you try to introduce some kind of inaccurate or unreliable information, registration is complete. The website will automatically check your number and binds it to the QIWI wallet. In addition, it will determine whether you have a complete identification.