Minimum and maximum deposits in BC Bwin

Минимальные и максимальные депозиты в БК Bwin

To do sports betting is always interesting and emotional. Root for your favorite team at the same time earn money – who wouldn't want to, especially since the winnings in the betting are not uncommon. This is not a casino, where the main role is played by luck. In betting it all depends on well-written forecast.

BK BWIN not greatly restricts its players limits:

  • minimum Deposit – 20 roubles;
  • the minimum stake is the equivalent of 10 cents;
  • the maximum Deposit amount is 150 thousand, if it is Bank transfer, 600 000 rubles by credit card Visa;
  • the maximum rate depends on the market.

However, this is not a universal rule. For example, the maximum amount of bet, the bookmaker determines, based on the maximum amount of winnings, so when you check rates can you get a message asking you to lower the amount of the selected bet. Each game card is checked, then you will be informed about the min and max size of this bet.

With regard to replenishment, individual limits can be seen in your profile of your account. As is common for all bookmakers, values, and limits are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the organizer of the games.