Reviews of the bookmaker Marathonbet


Trust rating:
Min Deposit: 80
Min bid: 10
Max bet: 550.000
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After analyzing the work of BK Marathonbet, according to users of this website, I would like to mention that more and more supporters of gambling are inclined to believe that this is a trustworthy organization.

In case of comments or feedback left in the feedback operation of the website players, all comments are processed and not left without attention of the representative of BK.

The user reviews are quite diverse, but even so, the representative promptly will give a detailed and intelligible answer to your question and will respond to your comment. In this period, no complaints, comments or suggestions with the status "pending". Please note on the cause of this kind of negative feedback - inattentive to familiarize the player with the rules of the site. This section is open for user access and an accessible language.

But we should not draw clear conclusions, all so wonderful and rush to bid. There are some kind of moments that cause difficulty withdrawal of the won money.

Some users claim in the fairly long process of removing their funds for about a day, and even withhold taxes. I would like to draw the attention of the player before it will register on the official website of BK Marathonbet – this organization is licensed but works without CUPIS.

Well, as you know, this betting system provides some information to the administration of the site ID at the time of payment of winning bets, thus and the player and protect yourself from fraud. Well, regarding taxes, that once again players should note that the bookmaker Marathonbet works without CUPIS and payment of taxes falls entirely on the players, the company does not withhold from winning bets tax – for the account of the player will do the full winning amount and pay the tax or not – it's up to the players.

Process veeficacia performed using random selection, and yet again, solely in order to promptly track down the scammers who are trying to transfer the funds from the winnings to other accounts.

Judging by the user feedback on the verification process on the website, some participants argue that this procedure is too long and may reach up to 4-5 days.

However, the administration says that upon timely filing of all required documents, the period of verification may take a maximum of two days. No more.

Note that the verification process does not complicate the process of your game. However, provided the documents proving the identity of the player speed up the process of getting your winning through your cooperation with the security service. After completion of all necessary verifications steps without infringing, worry the player is not worth it. The staff of BK Marathonbet will remove the lock from your account as soon as make sure that you are old user of the site and you are the real carrier of all information you provide about your identity.

Go back to the fact that some users of the site, BK Marathonbet complain of the long process of withdrawal of winning money. According to users, this is due to the payment system e-wallet, and the card payment system Visa funds allegedly received instantly, in contrast to MasterCard, which money can be credited to more than three days.

Administrators ensure Marathonbet players and users of the website that the winning calculation is carried out instantly without any delay and in case of any problems with obtaining a financial advantage, should pay attention not to the solvent work BC Marathonbet and payment system of the Bank.

Some banks reserve the right to freeze accounts in case of applying for a large amount of more than 600 000 rubles, since we are talking about the financial monitoring, and this withthe Ummah falls under this jurisdiction.

To avoid such situations and filling in the Declaration in tax inspection, many users of BK suggest to split the payoff amount into multiple parts and display it through different banks or payment system.

Overall, however, reviews noted a fairly high rating of efficiency, stability and reliability of BK Marathonbet.

Both novice and experienced players will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of sports and other events in the world of gambling as well as the line ratio.

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