Testing betting company Leon

Тестирование букмекерской конторы Леон

Leon – a legal website for betting on a sport that has its own history and loyal fans. But what he can offer the beginner who is only inclined to the choice of this site? We have tested betting company Leon, and we present a brief overview of the pros and cons of her official site.

Video testing bookmaker Leon

Registration on the website of the bookmaker

The bookmaker was chosen as the intermediary in payments Second CUPIS. This means that when you register you will be quite simple, if you already have a QIWI wallet with full identification.

If there is none, there are two possible options:

  • you need to have an account on the official website QIWI and pass the verification in the office of the company, or its partners;
  • visit the optibet Leon, where you will help with registration on the website, and with all the steps to create your account on the site QIWI wallet.

With regard to the registration process at the site of the bookmaker, and there it is extremely simple, takes only three steps and does not require entering large amounts of data. So, in General, difficulties arise only because of the legal requirements for BC, but overall the company has done all that the process took as little time as possible at their potential client.

Line for rates in Leon

To the line of questions more. A large variety of it will surprise, perhaps just a new player in the world of sports betting.

On the website available in about two dozen types of disputethat, and also bet on the tournament. In the line you can easily find all the most popular, but it's hard to bet on something not too popular.

In General, a platform suitable for those, who bets on major international tournaments and their counterparts in selected countries. If you are looking for a platform where you on a regular basis to put on the second or third power of the divisions, the Leon will not be the best option. These games appear here, but not often.

The coefficients in Leon

Odds sites are located on the middle level. Platform found its audience and is no longer keen to have newbies bringing their high multipliers.

On the other hand, performance in the Leon stable and significant drawdown of the people don't complain. So, the office can recommend to those who want to find a site for betting, which allows not to worry about greedy for good numbers of administrators.

Pad you can select and as the only site for betting, and as one of several to eventually compare odds and bet where they are more "delicious".

The interface of the official website of Leon

In General, the rate of the provided interface does not cause problems. Everything is done according to the classical scheme, and an old player of Internet gambling will pick up quickly. Left – the line in the middle painting on the right coupon. Blocks ads on the site, but they are not too Intrusive.

On the other hand, there is one drawback, which makes the Leon a bit dated. The active area of the site occupies the entire screen, leaving the side parts of the empty and unused. Earlier this year it seemed logical, but now that most users have screens with wide screen, questions arise about the appropriateness of the lack of updates.

In the Internet you can find reviews requests that the administration stretched the interface across the width tothis is a computer monitor.

Mobile app of Leon

Like any self-respecting bookie, Leon has its own mobile app. Programs are available for two most popular mobile OS Android and IOS. Overall, users are pleased with their presence and leave very few reviews, which discussed problems in the use of applications.

Unfortunately, these applications and significant disadvantage. Their interface is more similar to a mobile version of the site, and not quality-designed software product. If you use apps with tablet, no problems. But on mobile phones with small diagonal elements of the interface are sometimes too small and uncomfortable.

The Deposit and withdrawal of money from Leon

The depositing and withdrawal of winnings takes place without problems and long checks. For operations, available Bank cards, the most popular e-wallets and even transfers to his account.

No Commission (except for variants with operators). Some users complain of locking. But in this case no need to worry, because the official status of the office ensures that no significant violations of the rules of the game, your account will not close.

The support Leon

To support no questions. The answers come quickly, and problems are solved as quickly as possible. To contact the employees of the company, both by means of chat available to all registered users, and through email. For the gregarious there is even a special phone number.

To contact the operators available around the clock.

The final rating betting company Leon

In General, the area is not devoid of drawbacks, but it has a group of positive characteristics, including: stabilityprivate factors, the availability of mobile apps a great variety for Deposit and withdrawal. Best Leon for beginners, or the punters who bet on popular leagues and matches.