A Baker's dozen scanners of betting forks - the best program for search surebet

A Baker's dozen scanners of betting forks - the best program for search surebet

вилки на ставки на спортBet on the plugs are the only win-win variant of the game in the bookmakers, while manually finding the plug from thousands of available outcomes in several bookmakers is almost impossible. To help players there are many scanners in the automatic mode, studying the line of bookmakers and issuing the appropriate notices to the players.

Below are a list of the most effective scanners, different reliability, safety and ease of operation.

  • AllBestBets

The best of services, with Russian interface. In total, the service works with 64 offices, has broad functionality and a high level of performance. Along with the free mode, there are paid services.

The benefits must include the opportunity to work with forks and corridors, a variety of paid packages, and ease of payment, the availability of the service comparison of the coefficients, the accessibility of the interface, the possibility of free use of the service.

  • PositiveBet

Great service, with a wide range of possibilities, the only drawback of which is recognized only working with Live stakes. At the pre-match line service does not apply, that does not detract from its many strengths.

The benefits of the service include high working speed, nice interface, and affordable cost of subscription and many ways onBoard. In General, work with Live rates provides increased yields due to the weak capacity of the opposition from the bookmakers.

  • 3Bet

A relatively new project, trying to get a custom audience due to attractive tariff plans for services. At a moderate speed, the program is ready to offer a clear and intuitive interface.

In connection with the youth project does not have sufficient information on the reliability of the scanner, but while the massive negative feedback about his work is not found.

  • OddStorm

One of the oldest and the most speedy service. Due to the minimum scan time a player gets more opportunities to succeed. The program provides not only convenience, but also a high degree of protection from the opposition of the bookmakers.

The service is relatively expensive, but there are limited features free package. However, even the paid sections quickly recouped at the broad search capabilities of arbitrage situations.

  • SureBet

A decent scanner is working with 90 bookmakers. Has a good scanning speed lines and free package (forks with a yield under 1%). The cost of the weekly subscription paid package is $ 10.

Additional comfort provides multi-language interface, which is especially important for people who do not speak a foreign language.

  • A-Bets

Best scanner according to the correlation between the proposed features and the value of podeski. This is a relatively new service, so that the number of scanned lines do not exceed two dozen, but the developers promise to further increase their numbers. Limited is and the scanner sports.

With all this service is among the fast acting, easy to use and well protected from the opposition of the bookmakers.

  • BetSpan

The service functionality enables you to work with Domachevo line and Live line, to identify not only corridors, but also higher ratios. You can also use the free package, but the profitability of the forks does not exceed 1%.

The service has a performance and usability, and the available package deals offer an original approach to payment for the services of the scanner.

  • RebelBetting

A very popular service that offers the possibility of scanning a huge number of bookmakers. Among the options there is a system warning about the risks in the scanning process.

Among the weaknesses include the lack of Russian language, limited functionality within the free package, the relatively high prices.

  • OddsPortal

Popular English-language service, working with a large number of bookmaker and sports. The limit acts as a low speed, which often leads to restriction of available betting options.

Prices for the paid packages are quite high.

  • BetRinger

Quite an interesting service with a good functional software and attractive interface. Among the serious disadvantagestatkov scanner, you must select high subscription price that is equal to 2 thousand rubles a month.

  • BetBrain

One of the many English-speaking scanners, offering work with a huge number of sports. Speed is estimated as average, while the construction site is not the most convenient for perception, and price tariffs are considered as average.

  • DevilBet

Quite expensive service, but offers a pretty impressive functionality. For faster scanning you have the option to work through browser plug-ins.

The service offers many technical support options, but it is implemented only in English and German, while possessing a low rate of response to treatment users.

  • Vprognoze

The average service focused on the provision of paid services. If use of the site does not pose serious difficulties, the navigation is not the most convenient. The weakness is the lack of free plans.