What means handicap in betting - how to bet with handicap

Что такое значит фора в ставках - как делать ставки с учетом форыAmong fans of sports betting broad popular bets on the odds and apply them not only in football, but most of the online sports.


General concepts about the handicap

Fora is a virtual advantage of one of the teams before the match. Respectively, and the final result is calculated virtual, given initially the odds.

Fora is found in three types: plus (positive) minus (negative) and zero. In the first case, the result of one of the teams handicap is added. In the second case, the handicap is taken away, and in the latter option as the odds are zero is added, providing the safety net bet from a draw.Certain similarities with the odds of an Asian handicap, but he is more confusion and is distributed mainly in the Asian bookmakers, which in the domestic market have a minimum number of customers.

The basics of betting on odds

Any fora, whether it is positive or negative, can have integer or fractional values, which allows the first case to rely on the possibility of a return rate.The use of handicap is justified in situations where the emphasis is on deliberate favorite games, and are confident that he will win with a minimum score, and will achieve a big difference in the score. Due to this, there is a possibility to significantly increase the ratio.


A good example

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For example, for the match Barcelona Osasuna ratio of 1.12 is only P1, while F1 (-1,5) proposes to 1.35. This rate provides that virtual team start the game when the score is 1,5:0, that is, for pass rates in Barcelona needs to win by two more goals. Agree that the probability of this outcome is high.

Using a positive handicap, on the contrary, it is advisable when betting on weaker opponents, which adds a few virtual heads or points. In this case, the proposed coefficient is reduced, but increases the probability of winning.

For example, in the same match Barcelona Osasuna on the proposed P2 ratio is 16, while for F2 (+3) at 1.75. The probability of winning the guests is almost zero, and the fact that she will lose by less than three goals. If you use a handicap in the case of virtual tie provide a refund. In our case, when the score was 0:2 or 1:3 the bet wins, and at 0:3 or 1:4 is returned. The loss comes only when you lose by 4 goals or more.Similarly operates a zero handicap, where the passage rate occurs for any victory to the selected command, and in the event of a tie there will be return.

The results

The handicapping is an effective tool for virtual change the outcome of the match with the aim of obtaining a more favorable ratio or increase the probability of winning in a bet.

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