Top 10 players in CS:GO in 2018

Top 10 players in CS:GO in 2018

    If you 're betting on matches on CS:GO at the bookmaker, then it is necessary to know the top players in the world as of 2018. Talents can get the game and the team in which they play gets a great chance to win. Make a list of the best players is a very complex task, the number of kills, and other game statistics often do not reflect the actual skill of the gamer, so the rankings takes into account the subjective opinion of experts about a particular player. Top based on the ranking of the portal statistics and tournaments.

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    1. s1mple (Natus Vincere). Rating on HLTV version: 1.35. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.34.

    s1mple record number of medals in 2018, Alexander Kostylev just turned 21, so in the future the player will certainly beat your own records!

    1. Dev1ce (Astralis). Rating on HLTV version: 1.24. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.30.

    The Dane won this year, 4 tournaments and two Major, that is undoubtedly one of the strongest players in CS:GO.

    1. Electronic (Natus Vincere). Rating on HLTV version: 1.18. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.27.

    Electronic plays Natus Vincere in December 2017, he won 5 tournaments and recently won first place in the Major. Real Russian talent with great prospects, because he is only 20 years old!

    1. NiKo (Faze Clan). Rating on HLTV version: 1.18. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.26.

    This year the team FaZe Clan can boast a stable game, however, against the General background stands out NiKo. He takes the place of the playmaker for good reason: the Bosnian knows how to win.

    1. Magisk (Astralis). Rating on HLTV version: 1.14. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.24.

    Largely due Magisk team Astralis managed to become world Champions. He showed himself in 2015, playing for the Danish team SK Gaming, however, talent is rife Emile fully revealed only this year, when he moved to Astralis.

    статистика cs go

    1. NAF (Team Liquid). Rating on HLTV version: 1.16. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.18.

    The loonie ranks sixth due to a high rating according to the statistics of the tournaments this year Markovic has won 2 bronze medals, 4 silver and 3 gold!

    1. dupreeh (Astralis). Rating on HLTV version: 1.16 Rating statistics tournaments: 1.17.

    And again in the top of the player Astralis! Rasmussen played a key role in the victory of the team on two Major, and his playing on the position of entri frager impressive!

    1. KRIMZ (Fnatic). Rating on HLTV version: 1.12. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.22.

    In recent years, KRIMZ inferior game statistics team mates, olofmeister, JW and flusha. But in 2018 everything changed: Johansson took first place in the team in frags and overall rating.

    1. coldzera (MIBR). Rating on HLTV version: 1.12. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.17.

    This was a difficult year for the team MIBR, they failed to win any main tournament, however, coldzera showed a decent game and deserves a rating of 1.17!

    1. Gla1ve (Astralis). Rating on HLTV version: 1.11. Rating statistics tournaments: 1.15.

    Lucas Rossander helped Astralis to win several major tournaments, including FACEIT Major in London. During his playing career, the Dane was replaced by a lot of teams, but with 2016 performs consistently for a top team, so he can reach new heights with Astralis.

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