Important changes in the composition of the teams of CS:GO Cloud9 and Fnatic.

Important changes in the composition of the teams of CS:GO Cloud9 and Fnatic.

    At the end of September as part of team for CS:GO Cloud9 and Fnatic have been important changes. Legendary player Flusha from Fnatic switched to Cloud9, his place in the team is a ScreaM. Today people worry about the main question: whether Flusha to help Cloud9 to win the championship? The bookmaker will review the odds for the matches of the two groups, but in which direction is still unknown. Let's look at the merits of each player and try to clarify this issue.

    Flusha will add firepower.

    Robin "Flusha" Request one of the best CS:GO players of all time. It is famous good tactical game and amazing performance. Flusha will add a gunpowder in powder flasks Cloud9 and help the team to regain its former glory! 2013 Request was the key player for Fnatic, he won with a team of 3 Major, and several other prestigious competitions.

    cs go team ставки график

    After the transition to a new team he posted a message on Twitter: "I played with Cloud9 for a few days, but already feel a surge of motivation and good mood! I look forward to future matches and hope to be able to help Cloud9 to win many victories."

    The Manager of the team managed to gather in one team very strong players: Flusha, Skadoodle, autimatic and RUSH. Due to this, the team can beat their past records and achieve new heights!

    ScreaM - killing machine.

    Adil "ScreaM" Benilton, the legendary killing machine, will play for Fnatic at ESL One New York. Before that ScreaM played for EnVyUs, however, the team was disbanded this year, so Benilton became part of Fnatic. My famous headshots ScreaM will be able to demonstrate on October 3, in the match against Heroic. Let's see how he adapted to butthe howl team!

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