The top 5 teams in Dota 2 the results of the 2017/2018 season.

The top 5 teams in Dota 2 the results of the 2017/2018 season.

    The main Dota 2, The International 2018, was recently completed, so we can sum up the season 2017/2018 and to identify the top 5 teams who will automatically receive an invitation to The International 2019. Before, how to bet at the bookmaker, it is necessary to consider the balance of power and the statistics of the teams during the previous season.

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    1. PSG.LGD.

    PSG.LGD showed great play with TI8, almost every game they were able to obtain full control over the map. The team beat a previously undefeated Team Liquid and reached the final, where he fought against OG. The match ended with the score 2:3 in favor of Liquid, however, the phrase "they breathed us in the head" best describes the defeat of PSG.LGD.

    dota2 PSG.LGD.


    Despite unsuccessful game of the TI8, remains one of the strongest teams in the world. Last season the team took first place in the list of top teams in Dota 2, Virtus. Pro, no doubt, there is a great chance to repeat its success next season.


    1. Team OG.

    OG is a dark horse that surprised a lot of batters, taking first place in TI8. Contrary to the results of the analysis of bookmakers, OG defeated all of his opponents and got Aegis. The team was able to achieve such success thanks to its unique playing style and hard work in eSports, as in other sports, winning not easy. However, OG has yet to prove their domination in Dota 2 during the 2018/2019. Not all experts are convinced that the team can continue the momentum and to gain a foothold in the first position of the tournament.

    Team OG. dota2

    1. Team Liquid.

    Team Liquid is literally stunned all Dota 2 fans in 2017 at TI7: the team defeated all opponents and got Aegis. For a long time star, the team remained undefeated, but in 2018, the Liquid was removed from the podium.

    Team Liquid. dota2

    1. Evil Geniuses.

    EG is different from other teams consistently smooth high quality game. The team is gradually building momentum and will be able to compete for a place in the top three finalists during the TI9!

    Evil Geniuses. dota2

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