Forecast for the ESL One Dota 2019 Mumbai 2

Forecast for the ESL One Dota 2019 Mumbai 2

    From 16 to 21 April in India will host the tournament ESL One Mumbai in 2019 cyberdissident Dota 2. Bookmakers will take bets on this competition, so the editors built the forecast for the tournament.

    The format of the tournament ESL One Mumbai 2019 to Dota 2.

    ESL One Mumbai 2019 will consist of two stages:

    • Group stage. 12 teams participating the competition will be divided into 2 groups, 6 teams each. Players will play one game with each opponent, all the matches are played in BO2.
    • Series of the playoffs. The teams ranked first, second and third place in the group stage, will struggle for an exit in the Grand final in the top the medal standings. 6 teams with the fewest total points will play in the lower bracket. April 21 will host a Grand final between the winners of the upper and lower tournament.

    Teams participating in ESL One Mumbai 2019.

    Game statistics teams participating in ESL One Mumbai 2019 to Dota 2.

    The underdogs of the competition ESL One Mumbai 2019.

    In the list of outsiders of the tournament ESL One Mumbai 2019 were 5 teams:

    • Signify;
    • The Pango;
    • Storm;
    • Chaos Esports Club;
    • Alliance.

    Indian team is Signify has not yet acted on the international tournaments in Dota 2, so the odds on this team carry a higher risk. The CIS team The Pango made it to 13th place following the tournament, Chongqing Major, the competition WePlay! Valentine Madness team took fifth place, losing in the lower bracket Gambit Esports.

    An international team J. Storm since October of 2018 participated in 4 tournaments and won silver at the regional competition Showdown World of Esports, tournament, DreamLeague Major team finished in seventh place. In January 2019, the team Chaos Esports Club changed the composition, however, it has not brought results: at ESL One Katowice 2019 team finished in seventh place at the tournament, DreamLeague Major - ninth position.

    Golden time Alliance, of course, already passed. The tournament ESL One Katowice 2019 players Alliance has acted extremely unsuccessfully: following the competition, the team took 11th place.

    Favorites of ESL One Mumbai 2019 to Dota 2.

    The main favorites of the competition are:

    • Ninjas in Pyjamas;
    • Gambit Esports;
    • compLexity Gaming;
    • Natus Vincere;
    • Keen Gaming;
    • TNC Predator.

    Ninjas in Pyjamas took fifth place at the tournament : ESL One Katowice 2019, and then won the competition WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War, however, DreamLeague Major team performed poorly, finishing in ninth place. Russian team Gambit Esports in 2019 won 5 medals (2 gold and 3 silver), ESL One Katowice 2019 the teamwas given out in the Grand final.

    CompLexity Gaming will not be eligible for the prize, however, completely capable of walking 5-6 lines. Famous Ukrainian team Natus Vincere has won bronze at the tournament, WePlay! Valentine Madness, but Major DreamLeague ended for the team to crash out of Na'vi players made it to 13 positions.

    The Chinese team Keen Gaming showed a decent game on DreamLeague Bucharest Minor and Major, so the team can compete for a prize. In 2019 TNC Predator won 2 competitions in a row: Asia Pacific Predator League and Electronic Sports World Games, so the team a great chance to win the tournament ESL One Mumbai.

    Which teams will advance to the Grand final of ESL One Mumbai 2019?

    In our opinion, in the Grand final ESL One Mumbai will meet TNC Esports Gambit and Predator. Both teams demonstrated excellent results this season and surpass opponents on the quality of the game. In grandfinal match we bet on a victory of Gambit Esports.