Pribeta, free bets at the bookmaker Marathon | Marathonbet

Pribeta, free bets at the bookmaker Marathon | Marathonbet

    Bq Marathon.Beth is a company in which there is a welcome bonus at the moment. But it has its own loyalty program where you can track all your bets upon registration and are held with the accrual of bonus points.

    Bonus points are awarded only for those sports betting, in which the following two conditions:

    • the bet is not less than 500 rubles;
    • the ratio of the bet has a value from 1.3.

    The number of points you receive for every 500 rubles in the rates depends on the category of the player, but will not be higher than 100 points for one bet.

    That is, for example, if you register a bid in the amount of 1 thousand rubles, and you are in 4 categories, you get 2*1,3= 2.6 points.

    Lifting categories from your bonus account will be deducted a certain number of points. And the rest of the loyalty points will be accumulated and will remain active throughout the year. They can be used for such action:

    • leave to go to a new level;
    • convert to money into your gaming account balance;
    • to conclude free bet;
    • pay for participation in special promotions of the bookmaker.

    That's why we play, to raise the level and provide a great bonuses!

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