What is identification in the legal bookmaker and how to pass it?

Что такое идентификация в легальной букмекерской конторе и как ее пройти?

After the latest changes in the Russian legislation of online gambling, which almost fell out of the legal field forever, once again became legal. But now, in order to do interactive betting, you must know a few things. Otherwise, the betting on the outcome of the match favorite football team may be for better illegal act. So what is the legal identification of BK and how to bet over the Internet without violating the laws of the Russian Federation?

What does authentication mean?

According to the updated legislative framework, all domestic offices, working in a worldwide network of legal, must be members of the SRO bookmakers and provide their services through Zapisy special centers interactive betting. And in order to legally make a bet, punters need to register on the site of one of BC, but to prove your identity and age on the resource of Cupica. This process is called identification.

How to get an ID?

To confirm their identity and the fact that the bat has already turned eighteen years old, you must:

  1. To register on the website of one of the legal bookmakers their resources only work in the domain zone RU.
  2. To prove your identity at the nearest office of the BC or "Euroset" outlet. For this you will need a Russian passport or any other identity document.

In addition, batters who use the payment system QIWI and has confirmed his identity in this service, to undergo the identification of some firms (for example, in Leon) is not required.

And the inhabitants of some settlements (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod and other major cities of the country) to pass IDthe AI does not have to leave the house. This service can be ordered remotely by calling to the following address of special courier.


Patriotic punters who prefer to wager online, can breathe a sigh of relief. Interactive rate, which was almost fully banned in Russia, again legal. And with each passing month it becomes more and more bookies operating legally.

Here just to cooperate with them better need to be identified in fact, confirm that he was a real person, a Russian citizen who is at least eighteen years. This procedure is very simple and is carried out once. But different legal bookmakers licensed in our country, there are nuances identification passes. Let's step by step look at how this is done in three major domestic firms, host interactive rates.


The bookmaker has partnered with the First CAPICOM and allows to perform all operations through it. For the passage of identification in this office, known in the past as 1xBet, you must perform the following steps:

To contact one of the branches of bookmaker after registering on the website 1xstavka.ru. To be identified in one of the salons Euroset (the service is paid and costs fifty rubles). To call for the passage of the identification of the courier to the house (only for major cities, list of which can be found on the website of the BK or First COPIS).

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes. In addition to the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation it is desirable in any case to have the INN (a short name individual taxpayer identification number) and SNILS (short name insurance number of individual Ledger account).

ident" style="text-align: center;">IDENTIFICATION of the BOOKMAKER LEON

Much the same goes for identification and betting via Leon. The main difference lies in the fact that this bookmaker is missing its chain of betting shops, in which it would be possible to undergo the procedure, and emphasis is placed on proof of identity via the payment system QIWI. But in General all almost identical:

By registering on the site of BC should contact one of the salons of Euroset (the service is chargeable and will cost punters fifty rubles), office friends or even one of the points of CONTACT, which is also a partner with Leon. In large cities, also for the passage of identification, you can call the courier. You should have a Russian passport (or other identity documents), it is desirable not to forget about the INN and SNILS. Enter the phone number that was registered QIWI wallet. If you have not registered in this payment system, please contact your phone number so you will receive a QIWI account will pass and identification at the same time.


Very similar pass registration and to bet through the Betting League. To start the game through this site, you need to register on the website ligastavok.ru and on the site of the First Cupica, which cooperates with BC. On the number provided when you register cost center transfers online betting, you will receive an SMS with your personal code of the player. Now you can go to of identification:

The easiest way to verify your identity in one of the missions most League Bets, of which there are more than five hundred in one hundred twenty cities of Russia. You must have a passport and will need to specify the code of the player, which is better received in a text message to the specified mobile number. If you wish to Edentificatio possible and in the offices of partners of BK Euroset or CONTACT.

Immediately after confirming your identity, the better it is enough to make your Deposit (online Sportsbook) and it can start to do interactive rates.

bookmakers are allowed to bet online

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