How to make a parlay bet - instructions

как делать экспресс ставкиToday among players in betting the most popular type of bet is Express. It attracts primarily the possibility of obtaining increased profits with multiple events.

Recall that the Express is the rate of outcomes that do not have dependencies between them, where the odds of the outcomes are multiplied. It is due to this multiplication and is achieved by the increased winnings from a successful result. For example, if four events with odds of 1.8 resulting factor will be 10,498 while in four bets with similar odds in the end will only 7.2.

At the same time Express offers and higher risks, as any non-guessing the outcome becomes the cause of losing your entire bet.

The Express rates

Process rates Express is no different from any other rates. That is, you want to go from your account on which you have the funds, go to line, select sports and Championships, and then deploy them for immediate selection and formation rates. Then, too, no special features. Choose several outcomes and prepare a bid. Most bookmakers in the window formation rates offers to choose between single bet, Express or system, while at some sites the outcomes are originally formed in the Express with the ability to switch to another form of betting.


As example, Express of the three events:

Montenegro Austria 1X with odds of 1.38
Sweden Liechtenstein F1(-3,5) with a factor of 1.65
Russia Moldova Total under (3,5) with a factor of 1.6.
His total ratio is approximately 3.64. The win will come if the player willt correctly predicted all three outcomes.

It is worth noting that in the organization of multiple bets there are a few features. First, because of the high degree of risk, the optimal ratios of outcomes to be included in the bid are not higher than 1.8-2. And best in the neighborhood of 1.4 to 1.5. Second, the optimal number of events in Express should be no more than 3-4, and when using small ratios at 1.2 to 1.3 not more than 6-7. Huge bets that include more than a dozen outcomes almost never pass, even with small coefficients.

Experts note that by multiplying the odds of increases and gross margin rates, making multiple bets less profitable amid bets, but this statement is very controversial, as most successful players use bets and get a good final profit.

A clear example of Express

что такое экспресс


From the first step to the last

In General, the rate process Express simple and accessible even for players who are new to betting rates online. Making bets is a sequence of simple tasks.

  • Go to the website of the bookmaker and go to the game account
  • Make sure that the account has money for the bet
  • Go to the line where select sports and specific tournaments
  • In the list fully expands the event to get access to all we offer bookies outcomes
  • Select the event for your Express consideration of the recommendations that were described in the firstthe second part of the article
  • Choose the type of bet Express (in different offices, but everywhere is easy and availability is limited to one tap)
  • Check the selected events for the absence of errors
  • Specify the amount of the bet
  • Prepare a bid and wait for results.

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