How to play the bookmakers - basic tips for beginners

как играть в букмекерских конторахTraditionally, a large part of bettors are presented with the newcomers, who, in their majority, constitute a category of clients who are the source of income for the bookmaker. This occurs most often because of insufficient professionalism of the game beginners who ignore the elementary rules of the game.

In order to feel confident in the confrontation with the bookie and to increase their own chances of success you should follow a few simple rules

1. When choosing a bookmaker it is worth I only tested BC, with enhanced reliability and offering comfortable conditions of the game. This is best done from the ranking of the TOP 10 reliable bookmakersthat you can easily find on the Internet. Most of these European firms, and have extensive experience.

2. When you register you must specify only the real data, otherwise if you win, there will be serious difficulties in obtaining money. Most firms require data verification by reviewing identification documents.

3. During the game, it is not necessary to risk large sums. You need to play just for the money do not mind losing, while with their loss you need to accept initially. It is the desire to quickly recoup immediately after losing, often, leads to the final collapse. No harm will be familiar with existing financial strategies, offering a variety of ways of spending the pot and protect it from loss.

4. The information is all. In Sportsbook betting, you cannot rely solely on their own suspicions or the names of komAndes. Only the maximum awareness of the abilities, especially at the time of the game, is the key to success. Currently, the bookies, and just sports sites, offer lots of statistical and analytical information. Never worth it to neglect.

Of great importance is the situation with injured players, important matches before the game or after it, the financial problems in the team, internal conflicts. All of these factors can upside down to turn the idea of a real favorite of the series.

5. Built control coefficients. Whatever the different strategies of the game, to beat the bookie on long distances is possible only with favorable odds. Without a doubt, the factor is a fundamental element of any rates. Most bookies put up reasonable odds, given the real balance of forces, but in some cases they are wrong.

Don't bet solely on the basis of coefficients. It is necessary to proceed from the actual correlation of forces, and similar errors of bookmakers to find and use them for their own purposes. It is understood that with the increase of the ratio decreases the likelihood of its passage, therefore, must always be a balance between profit and probability of outcome.

6. Keep track of the situation directly before the game. Change of probability of accomplishment of a particular outcome in a betting is always accompanied by a change in the coefficient, which is adjusted by the bookmaker. In cases where there is confidence in the preservation of the initial alignment before the start of the game, is more profitable to make a bet in advance. If you're uncertain, it's better to make a prediction before the game.

Remember that in the cases where the coefficient on one of the outcome drops sharply, then it puts a considerable amount of players. This information could be usedto fulfill their own purposes. Remember that to ensure victory in the game against the bookmaker can only own knowledge and intuition are, therefore, constantly improve, and success will come.

Below is a brief list of bookmakers where you can safely play !

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