How to register at the bookmaker?

The vast majority of betting companies in the world to attract customers, use the most simplified technology for registration providing the questionnaire with simple questions. In most cases, the structure of the registration process is identical for different bookmakers, allowing players to seamlessly have accounts on multiple resources simultaneously. At the same time when registering should exercise maximum care, since any inaccuracy can cause a lot of problems while getting the win.

Registration in BC - the order of passage

During the registration process before the player the task of filling in all without exception the fields, and is used for this in Latin alphabet. The main part of issues belongs to the categories of Personal data and has the greatest importance. Not be amiss before sending further information to double-check written. Fill have the following terms:

  • Name. His writing should be carried out in strict accordance with full name in passport as per the process verification (validation) verification questionnaires will be carried out exactly with the information in the passport of the player. No abbreviations of names or nicknames cannot be used.
  • Name. The spelling of the surname is also produced by Latin letters in accordance with the documents. For example, the correct spelling can be copied from the passport.
  • E-Mail. The only requirement is to e-mail a reality. After check to this address will receive a letter from bookie with the activation link. In addition, this address will continue to use when communicating with the support office.various industry issues. Despite the presence of the Russian version, some users want to have access to basic support in English. In this case, you will have to have mail on one of the English servers, because the distribution of emails by linguistic baskets system is carried out automatically based on the registration e-mail servers.
  • Address. In the process of writing the address it is necessary to rely on the English version of the spelling when first written house number and the street, and then the city. At the same time, some firms and taken a more traditional way of writing addresses.
  • Index. In this field it is enough to write a six-digit index of a liaison office at the place of residence.
  • Country. The spelling of the country is performed in English, while some offices offer a drop-down list of countries.
  • Phone number. Writing telephone numbers is carried out in a ten digit format with the code of the village and showing, in front of the country code. For example, for Russia is +7.
  • Date of birth. This paragraph is intended to determine the age of the player, which at the time of registration must be at least 18 years old.

After filling in the Personal details the user will fill in the section Custom parameters. It includes just two items:

  • Currency. Most decent firms offer players a choice of several variants of game currency. To choose the most suitable for the player option.
  • Password. When creating a password is to proceed from the necessity of remembering. Therefore, it is better to record. In some cases, bookmakers require compliance in the formation of a certain format, for example, the number of characters and combination of alphanumeric appearance.

The last stage of registration is the creation of a security question to be used in situations where a player forgot the password to log in to your account. In this field the player is invited to choose one of the simple questions the answer to which is necessarily known to man, for example, mother's maiden name. In addition, there is an additional field Referral, which is not mandatory. After sending the data the user will receive a message to register. Click on the link and you can make your first bet.