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Сайт Спорт-Экспресс: обзор ежедневно обновляемой онлайн газетыIn order to do in the Bq rateswhich will bring you a win, the player needs to have the information on which he can predict the outcome of sporting events. Very often, this can be done through articles sports journalists and forecasts BC, statistics. In General, any information based on which your bid will not purchase goods that you don't know, meaningful action based on the large amount of data.

There are many sources where you can gather information about sporting events. One of them is Sport-Express.

Readers of the newspaper Sport-Express are always informed

This Bulletin of a sports event goes from Monday to Saturday, and contains a large amount of information on the sport and events associated with it.

Publishes a newspaper of the same name closed Joint-stock company with 14.08.1991.

This newspaper is read in 24 cities of Russia, and also in many cities of the former Soviet Union, and even on the opposite side of the world, in new York.

Online sports portal Sport-Express

But of course, after all periodicals, has moved into the Internet space, newspaper can meet not only readers of these cities, but many other sports fans. And of course the players who receive this daily publication, a large number of sports information. In addition to sports information, the website contains a number of ads, clicking on which you can read and buy products.

The History Of The Sport-Express

In late summer 1991, 14 former employees of the newspaper Soviet sport, founded a new sports newspaper Sport-Express. Editor-in-chief of the project was Vladimir KuCMI. He performed his duties until his death, which was in 2009.

This post was quite a long time, until the spring of 2013, vacant. At this time, its editor had been appointed Dmitry Kuznetsov. Previously, he was the acting head of hockey.

In 2003, the declared circulation of 650 thousand copies. According to this indicator, Sport-Express has taken the 3rd place among all daily Newspapers in the Russian Federation.

2012 was very difficult for the newspaper. Its financial position has deteriorated to such an extent that employees ' salaries have been paid with large delays. Journalists put forward their demands for the normalization of the situation to the owner, and in combination, and the Director, Sport-Express, Ivan the Fish. The businessman could not solve the problems of publication, and considered it more appropriate to sell the publication. He held talks with Eduard Raikin, who was the General Director of channel one in St. Petersburg and the publishing rights were transferred to the new owner.

Annexes to the paper.

  • Before significant sporting events, goes color edition Sport-Express. In the 90-ies, the application was published on newsprint, and in the new century, the output has been carried out on quality paper.
  • From late 1996 to 2001, the editors published the topical journal. He was a direct continuation of the newspaper and produced on quality paper with full-color illustrations. It was published about 50 rooms, which had a lot of interviews with leading athletes, articles about sports, historical studies.
  • From 1999 to 2001, produced a special football edition Sports-Quick-Football. It is very in detail about all football events. And this information was extremely helpful to players who in those years was engaged in the game through BC. Of course, like any purchased product, the information required careful study and some filtering.

Ifyou decided to play seriously, and bet intelligently, it is necessary to obtain all possible information from a variety of sources. Processing this heap of information, it is not the order of the goods through the online store, and intellectual action that requires time and thoughtful approach.

We wish you success in the game!

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