Bookmakers Japan and other Asian countries

Bookmakers Japan and other Asian countries

    How to work with Asian bookmakers these days? Today we offer you to travel to the East and learn about the specifics of the gambling business in several Asian countries. Big difference between the conditions of cooperation with domestic bookmakers from them? This edition with pleasure will tell to you right now!

    Sports betting in China: how do the lottery?

    Officially on the territory of mainland China, gambling is prohibited. That is sports betting, like other gambling activities that are available only to residents and guests of certain territories – Hong Kong and Macau. But these administrative areas can revise their attitude to such pastime in the coming years.

    Bookmakers in China since 1994, was replaced by the national lottery, which will be subject to the General sports administration, that is, the state. Thanks to the branches, selling raffle tickets, any Chinese in more or less large city can supply in different events, represented in the line, or just try your luck at scratch-off lottery or a local analogue of the sports lottery.

    The most popular among people in China use sports betting in:

    • football;
    • basketball;
    • baseball;
    • volleyball.

    The essence of such entertainment is simple. Participant is required to guess the outcome of a certain number of events (for example, fourteen out of fourteen). If he correctly predicts the outcome of all fights, you will hit the jackpot. But this happens very rarely. More popular options where you want to guess the outcome after the first and second halves in a number of games (about soccer) or predict the correct score.

    In our days, lottery tickets are sold in thousands of outlets, which are apparently not much different from PPP of domestic bookmakers. Only in the field of RAbot nearly half a million people. And the income from the national lottery in China tens of billions of dollars a year.

    Also do not forget about the presence of illicit CD. They're trying to work in the global network, but the authorities quickly block their sites. But the underground casino, which are officially banned in major cities of the country not uncommon.

    Gambling in Japan

    Rates in Japan, as in China, are strictly prohibited and may be punishable criminally. Similarly, you can obtain the article for trying to organize a casino. But all is not bleak.

    Fans betting on competitions it is necessary to remember that Japan is officially allowed bets on:

    • horse racing;
    • "Karin" (a kind of Cycling);
    • racing;
    • boat competitions;
    • Motorsport.

    The General name for this type of entertainment – "Koei coegi", which can be translated from Japanese as "social sport". We accept bets on almost all the major cities of the country. The prize Fund gets about eighty percent of the funds collected and controlled the flow of regional or government-controlled organization.

    As in China, Japan has a fair lottery (the locals call them "takarakuji", translated into Russian language this word literally means "lottery"). They are also controlled by the state and the most popular in Metropolitan areas. All Japanese lottery can be divided into three types:

    • with unique assigned serial number;
    • number, who shall have the right to choose each holder of a ticket;
    • cancels out with numbers (similar to lottery).

    Prizes in these form of entertainment can reach one hundred million yen (aboutKolo fifty nine million rubles at the exchange rate of the summer of 2019). The total amount of the prize pool rarely exceeds fifty per cent of all tickets sold. The remaining funds go to the state Treasury or to charity.

    Even in Japan a very common variety of slot machines called "pachinko". Many of them are somewhat similar to pinball. The player needs to win balls, which are then exchanged for real money. Also even in small shops, you can see the apparatus in which it is proposed to "catch" a toy or other valuable prizes.

    And the underground gambling business under the wing of the local mafia there. But the Japanese authorities are struggling with it. In the same way as with the Yakuza.

    Bookmakers Korea

    Are officially banned. Like all gambling. But still, there are craftsmen capable of open illegal casinos or betting shops disguised as ugly a cafe or shop. In recent years in South Korea developing rapidly bookmakers onlinethat offer the customers a good line and odds. But can they get the official status in this or the next decade, while it is difficult to say.


    Most Asian bookmakers, which are represented in the foreign market, was in this country. This contributes to the friendly legislation and flexibility of local taxation. For clarity, can right now read the list of the best of BK Asia and see how many of them are Filipino companies.

    To summarize

    Asian countries are not lagging behind the West in the development of market rates. Betting they also love, as in countries in other regions of the planet. But to legally bet on the victory of their favorite team or athlete, you can not everywhere.