Identification in CUPIS: it is difficult or not?

Identification in CUPIS: it is difficult or not?

    Recently in Russia there have been legislative changes which broke all bookmakers into two camps: legal and within the territory of the Russian Federation under the ban. What is the advantage of the first, and what are the stages of registration will have to pass the user to put legal rate, – let's deal.

    What is the role of COUPES

    In the summer of 2014 in the State Duma deputies adopted a law that changed the gambling laws. From now on, all bookmakers must obtain a new license, on and to fulfil two conditions:

    • translate the web site in the domain zone "RU";
    • and become a member of the self-regulatory organization of bookmakers (SRO)

    Membership in the SRO is a great move in terms of protecting the participants of the gambling market from fraud, because everyone who wants to join the ranks of this organization to make a large enough sum of money to the compensation Fund:

    • 300 000 000 for BK.
    • and not less than 100 000 000 if the service is offering betting.

    Now, if you choose a legal bookmaker, your bets are protected by the state, as the betting will go through an independent mediator - the heart of payments interactive rates (COPIS). One SRO can be only one ZAPIS.

    Thus, when you place a bet on legal online, money first gets COUPES, and they are then referred to the bookmaker. So the government maintains financial discipline and controls the flow of money in this segment of the market.

    Today in Russia there are two COUPES cooperate with bookmakers:

    • The first (with him signed a contract, BK 1хСтавка, Pari-Match, Winline, Betsiti, League Betting)
    • and Second, on the basis of the payment system QIWI (working with him Leon, Fonbet, Marathon and Olympus).

    Depending on the bookmaker, the check will have to go in one of the Centers. This procedure is a player only 1 time, and then you can change the bookmaker with a ready account CUPIS. It is not too complicated, below we will describe it step by step.

    Registration in the First CUPIS

    To register in the First Cupie, should pass three stages procedures:

    • registration on the website of the center;
    • registration on the website of the bookmaker;
    • verify their identity documents.

    The first stage can be completed in 5 minutes:

    1. Go to the official website;
    2. Complete all fields of the registration form (phone number, username, email, password) and confirm with a tick that you are an adult citizen.
    3. After that, the phone number that you specified in the form, you will get a TEXT message with a code, you enter it in the following window:
    4. And the final step will be the selection of the bookie: you will see a list of all legal bookmaker offices of Russia, of which will need to choose one and register on its Internet resource.

    This registration CUPIS over, but not yet ready to use.

    Proceed to the next stage, verification. The identification can go several ways, it holds a bookmaker, so depending on the supported options, you can choose the following:

    • PPP bookmaker;
    • items in the "Euroset", "Svyaznoy" or "Contact";
    • via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp.

    In the first version of the documents proving your identity (usually a passport and identification code), you will need to show the cashier terrestrial cashier of the bookmaker. PPP addresses are on the site every betting organization.

    If the office uses the services of the services of Euronetwork, Coherent, or Contact the documents you can bring to their customer service, but keep in mind that this feature is paid (100-250 rubles).

    While rare, but sometimes the bookmaker offers to prove your identity without a visit to ground points of reception, but just a video popular messengers. This is a very convenient and fast: the Manager sees you and your documents and scans are sent over the Internet. The only thing is to agree in advance the duration of the session.

    Once you have provided the required documents and verification of your identity is successful, your telephone will receive an SMS message confirming the end of the procedure. And now remains to make the final, but very important step:

    • to log in to your account at CUPIS -,
    • verify entered personal data;
    • and only if they do coincide with yours, to confirm them on the website.

    If you find an error, immediately contact the support service of BC.

    That's the whole registration in the First COUPES. The procedure is not complicated, but its a must one time pass:

    1. To account CUPIS.
    2. To register on the website of the BC.
    3. To produce documents to the operator BK.

    Check the Second CUPIS

    As stated above, the Second CUPIC uses a wire-transfer QIWI-Bank, which means that the money will be to use the electronic QIWI-wallet that many people in Russia know well. If you already have a wallet – excellent, if still not, then you need to. To do this:

    1. Click on the link
    2. Click "create wallet".
    3. Choose a convenient way: through a social network account, or by phone number.
    4. After that you will get a TEXT message with a secret code which must be entered in thfuture window.
    5. Then, create a complex password for logging in to the wallet (remember that here you will store your money, it will do all of your winnings from the bets, therefore they are related to the creation of the password responsibly).

    Next you will see a window with your account:

    During the initial enrollment, your account has a minimum status, it has its limitations, which are displayed in the table below, but can easily be changed to "basic" or "professional".

    If you want to get the extended limit of balance, then you need to be identified: for Russian citizens – it is a simple presentation of a passport office QIWI or in the offices of its partners.

    For complete identification it is necessary to confirm the data was in the system one way:

    • in the profile of your account in menu "Settings" - select the tab "Confirm identification" and enter the last 4 digits of the passport;
    • or via SMS by following the instructions sent to the specified phone number.

    Having QIWI wallet, you can now choose any online bookmaker and register on its website, indicating the number of that phone, which features a digital wallet.

    Registration and verification of accounts is not just to protect the gaming platform against fraud and abuse, it's also extra bonuses offered by almost all bookmakers.

    Bonus offer after registration

    Let's look at the gifts of the bookmakers that they offer their new players:

    - BK "Leon" offers a welcome bonus of 100% to the amount of your first Deposit up to 100 dollars!

    - BK "1хСтавка" will increase your first Deposit by 2 times, but not more than 5 000!

    - BK Fonbet also has great bonus offersogenie for new guests - fribet to 10 000 rubles (10 times for 10% of the amount of your Deposit, it will depend on the size of your bets)!

    - BK "Winline" gives its registered players 1 000 pribeta for free bets: you can bet on fribet, and you can make 2 bets for 500 rubles!

    a gift from BC "Beside" is 50% to the amount of your first Deposit!

    - BC "Olympus" runs its own program bonuses: +10% to the amount of your initial Deposit. So the more you Deposit the first time, the greater will be the amount of the welcome tribeta!

    - BC "Liga Stavok" has launched a new large-scale action: 555 rubles for all new players. This fribet you can use bets as much as 3 times if you bet 2 times in a row will be losing.

    - BK "Paris match" thanks for the registration in this way: +100% to the size of your initial Deposit, but not more than 2 500 rubles!

    Great deals, isn't it? With registration you will not only be safer to play, but profitable! Select your legal bookmakers, to confirm the reality of his personality, and feel free to put bets on favorite sporting events without worrying about payment of their winnings!