The Italian market of betting is under threat

The Italian market of betting is under threat

    италия азартные игрыItalian lawmakers are considering the possibility of developing and adopting the country's new national legislation regulating the sphere of gambling. In turn, representatives of the gambling industry have expressed their concerns on this issue, pointing out that new rules of provision of services can seriously harm your business and significantly reduce the activity of market participants.

    Proposed to the Parliament the draft law provides for the idea to completely give up on free placement in Italy of all types of gaming terminals and videolottery. If this decision is made, the industry is losing much of its potential in providing services in the field of gambling.

    The authors of the bill suggest that all gaming terminals in the country were concentrated in designated areas, in accordance with the norms of the law, and limiting access to them by persons who are unacceptable gambling for example minors.

    In addition, the authors of the act propose to increase the minimum distance between the establishments of the gambling industry and educational institutions, in order to protect minors from access to gaming machines.запрет азартных игр

    The new draft law provides for other innovations. For example, it is proposed to ban the broadcast on national television of all types of advertising, calling to participate in sports betting or gambling that will have a negative impact on the level of popularity of the gambling industry in the country.

    In addition, for each player is planned to introduce a system of personal game cards that represent yourof the first kind identification means for every fan of gambling and sports betting.

    It should be noted that, in General, the proposed law significantly tightens the requirements for the industry and players, and very similar to the solution previously implemented in the Russian market of gambling services, only with a lesser degree of stiffness.

    Professionals believe that the adoption of the new draft law will deal a serious blow to the Italian gambling market and will lead to significant loss of revenues of companies and, accordingly, adversely affect the value of tax revenues.

    Recall that the Italian gambling market is the fifth largest in Europe. Traditionally the leader by a wide margin stands England, with its long tradition of betting on sporting events, but in Italy the volumes of the industry are great, and combine not only gambling and casinos, but bets on sporting events.

    Recall that in this respect the Russian laws were much stricter. The provision of gambling services on the Internet, except sports betting is completely banned, and gambling in Olin segment is only permitted in five zones throughout the country, and to the construction of most of them not even begun, despite several years have passed since the adoption of the bill.

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