Client BC Fonbet lost at a rapid rate of almost a million

Client BC Fonbet lost at a rapid rate of almost a million

    Client is known in the former Soviet Union bookmaker Fonbet (another name – BK F. O. N) has decided to collect almost completely the Express of the two events. The bettor decided to make some money on the fight, Habib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Pore and the final match Serena Williams with Bianca Andreescu. But "something went wrong".

    How to lose a million on a single accumulator?

    Customer bookmakers don't doubt the two conditions of his bet:

    1. Nurmagomedov will beat Parle.
    2. Williams beat Andreescu at least one set.

    UFC fighter from Russia "its job" was done and forced the opponent to surrender in the third round. Experienced and Serena Williams unexpectedly lost a young canadian tennis star with Romanian roots. And not just lost, and did it all in two sets. That is, the second part of the parlay the bettor who decides to bet 950 thousand rubles, not played.

    In case of victory of Habib Nurmagomedov in UFC fight key 242 and success Serena Williams at least one of the sets of the match against Andreescu, the ratio of this Express would be $ 1.39. But the American athlete was disappointed not only their fans, but gambling client BC, which lost nearly a million rubles.


    An example of a customer of the bookmaker Fonbet demonstrates that even seemingly win-win option bet can be not so "absolute". Therefore, you should always consider not only the outcome of events for betting, but the bet amount, as well as the possible consequences of the transaction with a bookie.

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