The America's Cup in 2019 football: in the final will meet Brazil and Peru

The America's Cup in 2019 football: in the final will meet Brazil and Peru

    Gromit Peru Chile 0:3 and goes to the finals of Copa America after Brazil. With the Brazilians "Incas" will come the seventh of July in the maracanã stadium in Rio De Janeiro. A day earlier, Argentina and Chile will meet in the match for third place on the scene of the Property in Sao Paulo. Who is leading the bookies think are favourites in the upcoming meetings, and what outcomes it is best to put? Find out right now!

    The results of the first match 1/2

    The hosts of the tournament managed when you not the most confident game to cope in the semi-final with Argentina. Goals scored BOM Jesus and Firmino. But Messi and his friends, though, and confidently acted on the field, failed to report even one consolation goal. Later, the "White-blue" will complain about the refereeing. And partly to support them, even the Brazilians, too, agree that the referee was very worried and nervous, periodically knocking their decisions, the pace of the game. However, to reach the final had to score, no matter what.

    The results of the second match 1/2

    But the current holder of the America's Cup unexpectedly lost to the Peruvians. And even with the indecent account 0:3. Before the break they managed to score two goals. And in extra time for the second half the tie was put Guerrero. A great chance for a consolation goal nominal owners received a little later. However, Vargas failed to convert his penalty. But it is precisely the unpredictable results are why we all love football.

    What's next?

    In the framework of the Copa America, the teams left to play only two games:

    • the sixth of July for the third place will fight Argentina and Chile;
    • the seventh of July in the final destiny of the trophy will decide Brazil and Peru.

    We will closely follow a major championship of South America. After all, all football fans are interested to know who will become powerful NATher team of the continent at this time.

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