The League of Nations: England pulls out a win in Switzerland and will finish third

The League of Nations: England pulls out a win in Switzerland and will finish third

    In the match at the estádio do sport Lisboa e Afonso Henriques in the penalty shoot-out decided the winner of the bronze awards of the first competition called the League of Nations. Only on penalties, England were unable to cope with Switzerland. Although the official bookmakers are in the majority and assumed the victory of the representatives of Foggy Albion already in the main time. But let's still about the end of the fight.

    The first half

    Despite the rather impressive lineups from both teams, none of the opponents was in no hurry to open up and go forward. Overall, it was a right move on the part of Vladimir Petkovic, and Gareth Southgate. By and large, the current match does not solve anything. In addition to the prestige. Which had to fight, for the most part, players. Portuguese on the field the stadium.

    Still the British were more active. And already on the second minute, Kane was able to open an account. But the ball after the cast of the British hit the crossbar Simera. Then the teams continued to exchange the dangerous moments. Moreover, the nominal guests looked much better. But goals is not reached. Despite all efforts, first and foremost, the attacks of the British.

    The second half

    After the break, the teams continued to exchange the dangerous moments. But without any result. Could open an account and the British, and Swiss. But the scoreboard continued to light up the zeros.

    At the eighty-fourth minute, Wilson was able to shove the ball into the goal of "Crusaders" after hitting the crossbar Case. But the referee canceled a goal after a video replay review. Equal game continued. And continued to deteriorate further. Although before the end of normal time, none of the parties could not come forward.

    Extra time

    Extra half the teams also met in a two-handed attacks. A little better looked British. But this may be subjective opinion our editorial team. In any case, the teams retained parity until the end of game time. Ahead was a football lottery.


    Surprisingly, the first five kicks both teams have spent exactly. And the British managed to score and the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of Albion struck Sommer, without batting an eye, making the score 4:5. Then cher equalized. And Dyer led the British advance. After this time the goalkeeper of Englishmen. Pickford pulled a shot of Domica and became a hero of the confrontation.

    What is the result?

    It is unlikely someone will be able to argue with the fact that the British deservedly earned the bronze award by the League of Nations. That's only in their confrontation with the Swiss proceeded too slowly. It is obvious that none of the teams wanted to get an honourable third place on one of the most important international Championships. The teams were just left your room. That not for a moment detract from the merits of certain individual players. Especially Pickford, who managed to score, and to reflect the decisive penalty.

    In any case, Britain continued to walk to the trophies. Slowly. But with this team, quite confident. Even without obvious active actions of their potential leaders the British were able to beat strong European team. And Switzerland is just to fight for the title one of the best teams of the Old world.