The League of Nations: the Netherlands beat the British finals

The League of Nations: the Netherlands beat the British finals

    Only in extra time the Dutch managed to cope with England. The Netherlands managed to make a comeback after conceding a goal in the first half. Now they will meet in the final of the Portugal. Not all official bookmakers considered the favorite of the Dutch. So how was the fight?

    The first half

    Ronald Koeman did not waste time on trifles and put on the pitch in the opening minutes almost best squad. But Gareth Southgate felt that it was best to leave in stock of the recent Champions League final. In the end, in the opening match that also led to lower speeds.

    Consolidated long looked narrowly to each other, alternately trying to pass the initiative to the opponent. This cautious behavior could not lead to the aggravation of the game and create dangerous moments at someone's gate. Gradually, however, the "Orange" became more own initiative. Though soon backfired too overconfidence.

    On the thirtieth minute de Ligt Rashford knocks at his gate. The referee awarded a penalty. And after a small scuffle, during which Matas was awarded a yellow card, the victim realizes a shot from the point. 0:1.

    Then increasingly began to act the Dutch, who had to win. But nominal guests and not allow them to score a single goal Pickford.

    The second half

    After the break, the teams continued to exchange dangerous attacks. But goals is not reached. Up until the eighty sixth minute, Koeman has not replaced Babel on the Promes and de of roona de Beeka. This couple is a great fit into the game. And helped to vary the wound guilty de Ligtu at the seventy-third minute. 1:1.

    The Netherlands continued to be more active in the attack, at that time, as the British failed to adequately disturb Zillessen, despite all the efforts of Kane and his teammates. It came before the overtimes.

    Extra time

    In the first extra time, the Netherlands took the lead. Promes slightly ahead of Walker, from whose legs the ball in the end and flew into the gate of Pickford. Then the team struggled a lot. Practically without the dangerous moments. But one hundred and fourteenth minute Promes scored again. Now Quincy slammed the ball into the net so that was no doubt on whom to write this productive action. And the British are simply not enough to change the situation. The final whistle signalled a 3:1 on the scoreboard of the stadium "Afonso Henriques".

    What is the result?

    In the final of the League of Nations deservedly will meet Portugal and the Netherlands. But the Swiss and the British can only fight for third place in the inaugural tournament fresh from UEFA.