The League of Nations: Portugal became the first finalist of the tournament

The League of Nations: Portugal became the first finalist of the tournament

    Thanks to a hat-trick Ronaldo Portugal have coped with the Swiss national team and became the first finalist of the new competition. It hosts the debut of the drawing LN the leading bookmakers considered the favorite in the last match. Let's remember how "European national team" managed to win Victoria.

    The first half

    Team started very relaxed. Already in the first minute Sommer failed to properly handle round, which he barely n was in the gate of the guests. A little later, could have scored Shaqiri. It seemed that now rivals it's time to gather my thoughts. But still some nervousness continued to hover in the air over the stadium "estádio do dragão".

    And yet Portugal is clearly not going to accept this state of Affairs. On the twenty-fourth minute, Ronaldo earned a dangerous free kick. Although, as will become clear from the replays, Mbabu played the ball and did not violate rules. In any case, returning to the national team Kryry, which in the group stage of the League of Nations has not played a single match, he began to fulfill the standard. And throwing the wall scored. 1:0.

    The Swiss after a missed ball is slightly gathered and has rushed to recoup. They had a chance at it. But before the break the score was not changed.

    The second half

    After the rest of the teams continued to exchange the dangerous moments. That's just before scoring a point is not reached. Funny coincidence. First, the hosts played a hand in the penalty area, but immediately ran to the counter. While German referee Felix Brych tried to consult with his assistants and to understand the situation, already at the gate Sommer hit Bernard. And yet the referee from Germany using the VAR decided that we needed to put a penalty in gate of owners. And Rodriguez from the point confidently dispatched the ball into the goal. 1:1.

    Long time rivals competed for the right to come forward. But again luck was on storOhe of the Portuguese. And again, Cristiano. After all, no wonder he decided to return to the team after a short break. Already at the eighty-eighth minute the forward of owners after a cross from Bernard beautiful kick by sending the ball into the right corner Sommer. And in just a few moments all the same Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, putting an end to the confrontation. 3:1.

    What is the result?

    Portugal deservedly goes through to the final of the League of Nations. Switzerland will play for third place. And now hardly anyone can say that Ronaldo is not what it was back in the team. It's great helped owners and will be able to Express themselves in a battle with the Dutch or the British.