On WGL Winter 2019 will perform two Russian and Ukrainian player

On WGL Winter 2019 will perform two Russian and Ukrainian player

    Very soon, League of Warcraft Gold will return to all fans of the legendary strategy the final part of the winter championship 2019. Tournament organizers have shared who of the big-name players will take part in the draw and revealed some other details of the upcoming championship. Recall that some official online bookmakers have already started taking bets on the event, although not yet declared even all of their members.

    What is known about WGL Winter 2019 already?

    Representatives of Netease, responsible for the organization of Warcraft Gold League 2019 Winter Season, spoke about how and where we will be holding a contest. The final will be held in Shanghai, during the period from the twenty-third to the thirtieth of November. To participate in the tournament, one of the largest cities of China will gather sixteen of the best players in The Frozen Throne from around the world.

    In the first four days of the competitions you pass the initial group stage, in which sixteen will be only eight gamers. With the twenty-eighth to the thirtieth of November, the remaining players will take part in the second group stage and the playoffs, where he will find out the name of the best.

    The prize Fund of the tournament has not yet been disclosed. But he definitely will not be less than the summer of the championship. And then the competitive players competed for $ 60,000 US.

    Who will participate in the WGL Winter 2019?

    Have exactly known the names of the eight lucky people who will compete for the main prize at Gold Warcraft League 2019 Winter Season. They are:

    • Dmitry Happy Kostin (Russia);
    • HawK Sergey Shcherbakov (Russia);
    • Andrew Foggy Root (Ukraine);
    • Jang Moon Jae Ho (South Korea);
    • Jo LawLiet Zhu Yong (South Korea);trong>
    • Pak Lyn Joon (South Korea);
    • AMR XY FoCuS Of SAB (South Korea);
    • Hitman Victor Lin (USA).

    The remaining eight participants of the tournament finals event will be determined in the near future. Six of them are representatives of China. They will be those players from China that will be headed by a rating of WGL in this country. Two more will also be selected from the above-mentioned rating. But they can represent any state, and region.

    What is the result?

    In Shanghai at the end of November we will bring the best professional players from around the world. The tournament will involve at least four players from South Korea and China. Also in the contest for prizes will battle two players from Russia – Happy and a HawK. And one Ukrainian – Foggy. The size of the prize and the names of all participants of the winter championship WGL 2019 will be known soon.

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