Neymar: the epic transition of the Brazilian to Barcelona or real Madrid continues

Neymar: the epic transition of the Brazilian to Barcelona or real Madrid continues

One of the main transfer sagas this summer is not the end. Brazilian striker became the star of the main "series" of recent months. That's the only difference from the stars of television past decades, his fate is not yet solved. Will Neymar to the camp of PSG or move to another championship? Even official bookmakers online can't accurately predict whether he can go anywhere in the world.

The beginning of the transfer Saga of Neymar

In the current offseason in Brazilian most claimed by Barcelona, which "gave" him to PSG for two hundred twenty-two million euros in the summer of 2017. One of the reasons why the young Brazilian talent has decided to go to Paris, many journalists called him not wanting to be in the shadow of Messi.

Now the "New Robinho" finally realized that in the French championship, it is simply to do nothing. And on the international stage so far, with PSG fails to achieve the highest results. And, perhaps, the reason lies in the morbidity and lack of diligence on the training? Although it should be noted that talent da Silva would be enough for several big-name players.

The main contenders for the purchase of a star name Neymar

Barcelona still hopes to return to his former player. The Catalan club, and brought it back from South America in 2013, bought from Santos. And sending Coutinho in the lease speaks volumes about the desire of "Blue garnet" again to dress up a Neymar shirt in their colors.

That's just PSG does not agree to the terms of the functionaries of the Catalan club. Complex negotiations can not end with shaking hands. For Neymar Barcelona have already offered the required sum of one hundred seventy million euros, and the various players in return, plus a surcharge.

Also on the Brazilian claims and real Madrid. Here are just a coach "Creamy" Zinedine Zidane still wants to lure to the Spanish capital, his compatriot – Field Pogba from Manchester United. And in the event of acquisition of further purchases "Royal club" is simply not to invest in terms of financial fair play.

The discontent of the players. Support players

A number of European publications suggests that from Barcelona to Paris in exchange for Neymar can go a number of players. For example, the choice of neskolkih options (possibly several): Rakitic, Odibo, Dembele (Usman on the terms of annual rent), of Semed and even Courtois, which seems absolutely incredible. But the parties failed to agree on the amount that you are supposed to pay in case of transfer of players from one team to another. This, of course, talking about the "cannibalization" of Barcelona.

At the same time and the players "Blue garnet" is not too willing to participate in this exchange. According to the statement El Chiringuito, Rakitic and Dembele don't want to be part of such a transaction.

But the Peak in an interview with Goal hinted that he would be happy if Neymar returned to Catalonia. At the same time, PSG captain Thiago Silva, with whom the striker plays not only at club level but also in Brazil, I would like, so his friend stayed in Paris.

We remind you that in twenty-eight matches in last season's French League Neymar netted twenty-three goals and gave thirteen assists. And despite the fact that a large portion of the season he missed due to injuries.

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