Burning forecast for the championship of France of football 2018/19

Burning forecast for the championship of France of football 2018/19

    Championship of France of football in the 2018-2019 season coming to an end. Most teams have already played in 24 of the 38 matches, so the probability of changing the balance of power in the standings is reduced. The winner will be determined following the results of tournament in may 2019, however, the bookies are already taking bets on the champion, so the editors Online-bookmakers.ru made a forecast on which team will win League 1 this year.

    Tournament table of the championship of France of football 2018-2019.

    Betting odds for the winner of League 1 2018-2019 from BK Bovada.

    PSG is the main favorite of the championship.

    February 9, PSG won another victory, to strengthen its position in the standings. The Paris club has won 19 of the 22 matches, the team scored on average 3 goals in every game, so PSG are likely to be able to overcome the barrier of 100 goals in this season's League 1. In addition, the club has the best protection among the French teams, PSG have conceded only 13 goals, so the ratio of scored and conceded goals is the record index +55.

    However, PSG's Brazilian striker Neymar is injured and therefore will not be able to take the field in the coming matches. The line of attack was significantly weakened, and this is confirmed by the result of the last game PSG - Bordeaux, which ended with the score 1:0 in favor of the Parisians. Nevertheless, PSG ahead of the nearest competitor, Lille, on 10 points, so the victory club in League 1 is actually a foregone conclusion.

    Lille entrenched in second place.

    After the victory over Guingamp February 10, Lille strengthened their positions in the standings. The team won 5 matches in a row, from 24 games Lille have won 15 and earned 49 points. However, this result was insufficient for victory in the Championship of France of football.

    From Lille is quite reliable lines of attack and defense: the team scored 42 goals and conceded 22. This is the second result in League 1. Ahead of Lille's important match against Montpellier, it is likely to be determined by the silver medalist of the championship if the club manage to win Montpellier the chances of the team in second place following the results of tournament will grow significantly.

    Lyon increases the gap from Lille.

    February 10, Lyon lost to nice with the score 0:1. After an unexpected victory over PSG bookmakers predicted the club to second place in the championship, however, this forecast has come true. Lyon is behind Lille by 6 points, while the difference is increasing, not decreasing. Before the final defeat of Lyon has won 4 matches in a row, for the current season, the team won exactly half of the match (12) and shares the third place in the ratio of scored and conceded goals with Strasbourg (+12).

    Lyon this season is playing unstable: a team may win with a score 4:2 and losing 5:0. The main competitor for the bronze Lyon - Montpellier. The match between these teams will be held on March 16, most likely, this fight will be determined the bronze medalist of the Championship of France. Bet on Lyon are higher risks due to the variability andgry club, so we recommend to refrain from betting on the victory of Lyon and choose a more stable team for football betting.