Forecast for Boxing match: Easter VS Barthelemy

Forecast for Boxing match: Easter VS Barthelemy

    27th April Las Vegas will host the fight between the two former world Champions Robert Easter and Ransom Barthelemy. The fight was for the vacant WBA and IBO titles in the lightweight division. Bookmakers take bets on the winner, so the editors made a prediction for the fight: Easter vs Barthelemy.

    Analysis of the battle Ister vs Barthelemy

    Robert Easter – 28-year-old American. Is a former world champion under version IBF in the lightweight category. Won the title in a duel with Richard, Comm. Three spent defending the belt. In a unification match with Mikey Garcia suffered the first defeat of his career. Robert is on top form and ready to get back in the race for the championship. Career record: 21 wins, 14 early, 1 lost.

    Rances Barthelemy is a 32-year-old Cuban. Until 2013 "stuffed" his record and owned several regional titles. In 2014 won the title IBF in fight with Argenis Mendez. In a duel with Denis by Shafikov won the IBF title in the second category. Managed twice to protect him, beating Mickey Bey and Cyril Relica. In the rematch with Religon lost on points. Track record: 27 wins, 14 early, 1 loss, 1 fight without result.


    Bookmakers odds in the match Ister vs Barthelemy

    Betting company 1xbet put their coefficients, where the absolute top acts Robert Easter. Quotes on his victory of 1.13. The victory of Rances Barthelemy can be supplied with a factor of 5. The odds for a draw – 21.

    Who would win in a duel Ister vs Barthelemy?

    Robert has a 180 cm tall, with the arm span of 193 cm Rances 180 cm, arm span of 184 see As you can see, the fighters are very tall, but the American a huge advantage in leverage. At the same time, Robert also skillfully uses this.

    Go over all the important aspects of the battle. Speed and technica on the side of the Americans. Part of fight intelligence Ister is also much better. He can box at different distances. Rances prefer mostly melee.

    Stamina and physics. Here it is possible to put equality, because both are easily full distance of the fight. Also, both can take a hit and recover quickly.

    Power in beats and footwork. These aspects are also better looking Robert Easter. Rivals are not punchers. However, the percentage of early victories over the Easter: 64% vs 48%. And movement, even to compare is not necessary. American is much more flexible and more mobile.

    Protection. Robert has a complicated technique of "California shell". It should be noted that it is very securely uses it. And Ranches, in turn, is protected by the block uses the dives and slopes. But he misses quite a lot.

    To summarize, let's say that Rances Barthelemy virtually no chance to win. He was on all counts inferior to Robert. And has nothing that could complicate the task of the American.

    Our prediction for the fight: a victory for Robert Easter. Suitable option for rates will total more than 6.5 rounds.