The forecast for super bowl NFL 2019.

The forecast for super bowl NFL 2019.

All Rugby fans look forward to the main sports event 2019: the super bowl of the NFL. 3 Feb in Atlanta will define the champion of the 49th season of the National football League USA. Among the top contenders for the Cup , the bookies say Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams. But there are other teams that are worthy of the title. We made the forecast for the super bowl and are excited to bring it to your attention!

  1. The Philadelphia Eagles.

Champions, the Philadelphia eagles have the highest odds of winning. No one doubts the talent of the players and the coaching team, especially worth noting a powerful line of attack. The club left coach quarterbacks John Defilippo and specialist striker Frank Reich. However, several players have recovered from injury and is back in operation, including star of American football, defender Carson Wentz.

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  1. New England Patriots.

New England Patriots cannot be ignored. Last season they breathed in the back of the Philadelphia eagles, trailing just a few points. Under the leadership of Tom Brady and bill Belichik, which is considered the best the head coach in NFL history, the team has a great chance to win. However, we put the new England Patriots in second place.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars.

We recommend you to pay attention to the Jacksonville Jaguars. In recent years the team has not had stable game, frequently disappointing their fans. However, in 2017, the players have shown amazing results and finished in third place in the American football conference. The jaguars took first place in the number forprotective touchdowns and is second in number of interceptions of the ball. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL, and this is confirmed by statistics.