The forecast for most valuable player of the NFL season 2018.

The forecast for most valuable player of the NFL season 2018.

    Already started the 9 week of the season for the 2018 National football League USA, is heating up a struggle between the players for the main title of the NFL's most valuable player. Experts analyzed the chances of the athletes to receive the award and prepared its own forecast. Who to bet on in the Sportsbook? Let's deal with it.

    For starters, we offer you to look at the odds for the most valuable player from BetOnline Sportsbook as of October 31:

    Patrick Mahom - king of the NFL.

    According to sports analysts, Patrick Mahomes the best chance to get the title of most valuable player. Throughout the season the betting for Mahama is reduced, the superiority of Patrick intensified after the victory of his team Kansas city Chiefs over Cincinnati Bengals during the 7 weeks of the championship.

    In the match against the Bengals, Mahom had 4 touchdowns for the entire season, he managed to earn 22 touchdowns. Patrick has a great ratio of successful transmission, and 64.9% reach target (the opponents were able to intercept only 5 assists), his quarterback rating at the moment has reached a good figure - 114 points.

    At the end of 7 weeks of the NFL American bookmakers reduced the odds on Mahamsa 0.5 and then another 0.5 after 8 weeks of the season 2018, when the Kansas city Chiefs won against the Denver Broncos. Patrick has the best game stats in the NFL, he can be overcome only Todd Gurley. However, we believe that the title of most valuable player will receive exactly Machos.

    Todd Gurley reduces the gap.

    In the match Los Angeles Rams vs green Bay Packers Todd Gurley was able to spend 3 touchdowns, his team (the Rams) won an important victory, and the Todd increased their chances for the title of most valuable player. The coefficient on Gurley decreased by 2, and that says a lot.

    But will Gurley get a prize? In NFL history award most valuable player was awarded to 58 times, 37 of them received the title of quarterbacks, and otagawa back (Todd Gurley) were the most valuable players, only 18 times. Over the last 17 years the prize for the most valuable player only got 3 players at the position tagayeva back: Adrian Peterson, Ladainian Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander. At Gurley has a good chance to become the fourth player in this list.

    This season, Gurley managed to hold one for game 2 touchdowns, running with the ball 208 yards to break the record of Marshall Faulk (200 yards), which he set in 2001. Gurley is undoubtedly the most valuable player of the team Los Angeles Rams, but he won't be able to beat Mahama.

    Cam Newton is going to compete with the leaders.

    Before beginning 8 weeks of the championship betting odds on Cam Newton was 40, but after the match, Caroline Panthers against the Baltimore Ravens, the bookies have reduced the odds for 15! Team Newton Carolina Panthers triumphed with a score of 36:21 largely because of its quarterback. Cam per game spent 2 touchdowns and successfully completed 72.4% of gear.

    Ahead of Caroline Panthers game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit lions, both teams have errors in defence, if Newton will use them, it can significantly increase your chances for the title of most valuable player and even to compete with the leaders Gurley and Mahoma.