In 2018, the Russians put on sports trillion rubles

In 2018, the Russians put on sports trillion rubles

    On 13 February, the newspaper "Vedomosti" published a report on the bookmaking business in Russia. According to journalists, the Russians in 2018, put on sports record-high amount of 1.15 trillion rubles!

    The amount of betting on sports for 2018.

    Compared to the year before last the amount of sports betting increased by 70% in 2017 bookmakers took bets from Russian citizens at 677 billion rubles. For 2018 , the Russians put 250 billion rubles during the world Cup 2018. The size of the average rate amounted to 1,500 rubles, and the total number of players have reached 4.7 million people.

    Who and where makes a wager on sports?

    The vast majority of players (72%) of men aged 18 to 44 who earn between 20,000-50,000 rubles per month. Sports betting was the most popular among the workers, employees and middle managers.

    The vast majority of bets (45%) was made in the bookmaker Fonbet. The share of BC 1хСтавка accounts for only 20% bet BK Liga Stavok is third with 18%, and Leon fourth place with 16%. Only in Russia was 31 betting company.

    Illegal sports betting.

    Despite the efforts of the Russian authorities, the market of illegal sports betting continues to work. In 2018, 43% of the punters were betting in unlicensed bookmakers. On the black market is dominated by international bookmakers from a multi-language SyTami, in particular, 1xBet, Fonbet, Leon.

    By restricting access to sites with illegal bookies , their percentage of the market is shrinking: in 2017, from 60% to 70% sports betting accounted for the illegal companies, last year this figure dropped to 40%. His contribution to the fight against grey bookmakers have made the Federal tax service, which puts unlicensed bookmaker in the list of violators and requires banking organizations to block money transfers to the accounts of these companies.

    Seniors are actively profiting on bets.

    According to a study conducted by the organization of the BR Awards, 9.5% of batters were retired. For the year this figure increased by 2.3 times: in 2017, only 4% of people of retirement age were betting on sports. Also found out that the pensioners are betting on 20% more often than players of other age groups, but the average bet size in older age below 59.6% - 606 rubles.

    Pensioners were most loyal customers bookmakers: 70% of them make a bet at one bookmaker. In the other age groups the figure is about 40%. Elderly people were more likely to use interactive rates: they make a 60% bet on the bookmakers ' sites (14% more than in 2017).