Russian national team can remain without the world Cup in 2022

Russian national team can remain without the world Cup in 2022

    According to The Telegraph, the Russian team is not in danger to go to the 2022 world Cup on football. The reason for that is another doping scandal with several influential organizations. Some official bookmakers online already seriously thinking whether to accept bets on the ban of Russian players to participate in the next world Cup or not.

    Why Russia may be left without the 2022 world Cup?

    A little background. The attacks on the wards cherchesova began during the successful home of the world championship. Even then, the head of the anti-doping Agency United States Travis Tigertom was put up demands to FIFA about additional scrutiny of Russian players regarding the use of prohibited substances. In his opinion, they simply were not able to significantly improve in the class for a short time. Moreover, such a requirement was made, when the Russian team only finished the group stage. That is, until the victory over the Spaniards.

    The same representatives of The Telegraph appealed to the International football Federation with the purpose of publicity information about a drug test the Russians. However, in Zurich this appeal has been left without special attention, limiting formal response.

    Now the attacks on the Russian national team has resumed after a member of the scandal was the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. And Cherchesov with their children can not go to Qatar, if the institution will impose sanctions WADA.

    Attacks on other Russian athletes

    Previously all the same The Telegraph wrote that Russia could remain without the summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo. And all because of the possible mythical "falsification" of these anti-doping laboratory in Moscow. And a suspension from the Olympic games can become the second for the Russian team. Previous touched on events in the Korean Pyeongchang in 2018 thdo. Then at the winter Olympics, Russian athletes were forced to compete under a neutral flag. Moreover, such conditions are accepted, not all athletes, but many are not admitted to competitions.

    What will the result of regular doping Saga will become clear in the near future. And now we offer you to follow the news from the world of sports with our official channel in the Telegram. And not to refer to rumours in the British media too seriously.

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