Betting on Greyhound racing

Betting on Greyhound racing

    Competition dog races held in Russia since 1990. This sport has already managed to gain popularity among gamblers, so the editors prepared an article on betting on Greyhound racing.

    Which bookmakers take bets on Greyhound racing?

    Bets on Greyhound racing taking 2 legal Russian bookmakers:

    To bet on dog races also available on the websites of the international bookmakers William Hill, Bet 365 and Betfair. Please note that bookmaker William Hill, Bet 365 and Betfair provide services to the citizens of Russia illegally and therefore do not guarantee the payment of prizes and compliance with legislation.

    What competitions in dog run are presented in the betting lines?

    In betting lines bookmakers Marathonbet and 1хСтавка submitted by the Australian and British competitions in dog run. Dog races are held regularly in three English cities: Ipswich, Newcastle and great Yarmouth. In Australia greyhounds are very popular, dog races are held in 17 cities across the country.

    ставки на собачьи бега

    In Russia the competition at the dog run are not held. According to the Russian Association of lovers of the Greyhound race, the past championship of Russia on dog races took place in September 2016.

    Types of bets on Greyhound racing.

    Bookmaker Marathonbet 1хСтавка and only take bets on the winner of the race. Bookmaker William Hill, Bet 365 and Betfair are offering concludedchit bet on the winner of the tournament, the winners of the race, and two dogs that will show in race two. The number of bets on Greyhound racing are limited because of the specificity of this sport. Races cannot end in a draw and the competition is no score, so betting on over / under and double chance are excluded.

    линия ставок на собачьи бега

    Helpful resources to bet on Greyhound racing:

    • Greyhound Board of Great Britain - the English portal, where you can find information about the results of dog races, learn the rules of the competition, a schedule of upcoming races and even buy or sell a dog.
    • Track Info - English site on horse racing and greyhounds. It regularly publishes news about the competitions and broadcast Greyhound racing. In addition, site users can bet on Live races of dogs.
    • Bets Dogs - Russian analyzer in Greyhound racing. The portal processes the statistical information about the competitions of dogs depending on race results. In addition, free download betting strategies for Greyhound racing.

    Presenting your attention the video of the Championship of Russia on racing greyhounds 2010: