Whether to bet on the victory of BATE Borisov in the Europa League?

Whether to bet on the victory of BATE Borisov in the Europa League?

    On 14 February Belarusian football club FC BATE Borisov triumphed over the English Arsenal in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League 2018-2019. February 21 team will hold a return match against Arsenal, the results of which will determine the opponent Benfica or Galatasaray in 1/8 finals. Bookmakers offer betting on a future champion LE, so we decided to answer the question that worries many fans: whether to bet on the victory of BATE in the Europa League?

    The odds for the second leg of Arsenal - BATE 21.02.2019 from BK 1хСтавка.

    If BATE win in the second leg?

    Bookmakers do not believe in the victory of the Belarusian club in the second leg against Arsenal. BATE will play at home, which significantly complicates the task of the Belarusians. Will they be able to do second miracle in a row and defeat the gunners on their land?

    In the first match against Arsenal FC BATE midfielder Stanislav Dragun struck the gate rivals in the last minute of the first half. During the second half Belarusians successfully fought off all attacks until the end of the match is not to concede.

    BATE head coach Alexey Baga commented on the team's victory: "Physically we were, of course, originally prepared probably worse than Londoners, but psychology – it is great. And, as I said yesterday, the human body has no limits, that, in General, and demonstrated the second half when it was hard and Dragoon, and the other boys, but stood somewhere with a little luck, with the share of luck, but it does not happen."

    Bug admits that luck was on the team, without it the victory of the famous enemy would be impossible. So to win Arsenal the second time or even a draw - would be a great achievement for BATE, because in this case, the club will prove that the first Vic was a pattern, not a coincidence.

    Objectively speaking, at low BATE Borisov the chances of winning in the second leg. But it is possible to bet on a draw under best ratio of 8.9. In the first match of the Belarusians demonstrated a high level of protection, in the return match Alex Bug will give the game defensively because a draw would suit BATE. In this case, increase the chance of a dry outcome of the match, as both teams boast an excellent defense of Arsenal in their last five matches (except against BATE) never missed a single ball.

    The odds on the winner of the Europa League 2018-2019 from BK 1хСтавка.

    BATE Borisov the chances of winning the Europa League 2018-2019.

    According to bookmakers, the odds on BATE victory in the Europa League are very small. Now the team occupies the penultimate place in the list of contenders for the title. BATE, however, may surprise you. Given the high rate bet on the victory of Belarusians in the LES, it makes sense to bet on BATE small amount. And this is best done before the start of the return match against Arsenal, because if the Belarusians win the British or play in a draw, the bookies are slashing the odds on BATE.

    Win BATE Borisov in the Europa League 2018-2019 not so Mahlowareata as it may seem. Arsenal is among the three top favorites of the tournament, while the Belarusians managed to win this team. Agree that it says a lot. No doubt, to the finals it will be difficult to reach, but it is possible.