Vasyl Lomachenko lost Luke Campbell

Vasyl Lomachenko lost Luke Campbell

In the night of the last day of summer to the first autumn day the O2 arena in London attracted a huge number of Boxing fans. As more fans joined the broadcast from the UK. The Albion local boxer Luke Campbell and Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko was carried out in a unification bout in the lightweight division for the title WBC, WBA Super, WBO and the Ring. And only the first of these was vacant, and the remaining three belonged to the "scrap", which is the official online sportsbooks and considered the main Challenger to win.

In the end, Lomachenko defeated his opponent thanks to a unanimous decision of the judges. Moreover, due no doubt to the advantage of Basil: 119 – 109; 119 – 109; 118 – 109. And now more about how the battle took place.

Lomachenko vs Campbell: the beginning of the match

Before coming to England coaching staff of the Ukrainian called Luke one of the most dangerous lightweights. It is not surprising that the first rounds Basil was very cautious and didn't fly forward. But Campbell did not seek to attack. But intelligence soon came to an end.

The dominance of the Ukrainian

Already with the third round of "high-Tech" began increasingly to hit the opponent. The Englishman only occasionally responded to sharp attacks Basil, preferring to defend and play it safe. And at the end of the fifth round, Lomachenko almost sent Luke down with his trademark body shots. To bring the matter to logical end, he was prevented Gong.

In subsequent rounds Lomachenko continued to attack and develop your advantage. And in the eleventh round, he managed to disorient the opponent a great bunch of blows to the body and head. It was a miracle that the Briton has to wait until the Gong once managed to rise.

The ending of the match, and the verdict of the judges

Even in the final round more confidently acted Vasily, although Luke had to make up for the knockdown a few minutes the woundE. In the end, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the judges unanimously gave the victory that is Lomachenko.

What's next?

"High-Tech" is steadily moving towards the Union of all zones and the status of undisputed champion. To achieve the challenging goals it needed to win the title of IBF, which currently belongs to representative of Ghana Richard Comm.

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