Forecast for WBSS semi-final battle: Taylor VS rams

Forecast for WBSS semi-final battle: Taylor VS rams

    The 18th may in Glasgow will host the match between Josh Taylor and Ivan Baranchik. Bookmakers take bets on the winner, so the editors made a forecast on the battle: Taylor vs little sheep.

    Analysis of the battle Taylor vs rams

    Josh Taylor – 28-year-old Briton, speaking in the light Welterweight division, one of the favorites of the world Boxing series. In the first round of the tournament early defeated Ryan Martin. Prior to this, managed to defeat former world champion Victor Postol. Has no defeats in his professional career. Track record: 14 wins, 12 ahead of schedule.

    Ivan Baranchik 26 – year-old Belarusian, world champion in the first Welterweight champion under version IBF. Won a belt in the first round of the tournament against Anthony Yigit. Defeated him with a technical stop after the 7th round. Ivan also does not have lesions in the professionals. Track record of 19 wins, 12 ahead of schedule.

    Bookmakers odds in the fight Taylor vs rams

    Bookmakers Taylor RAM Draw
    1xbet 1,22 Of 4.66 26
    Pari-Match 1,21 4,5  
    Olympus Of 1.23 4,61 26

    Who would win in a fight Taylor vs RAM?

    Josh the growth of 178 cm, arm span of 177 cm. while ROS Ivan 173 cm and arm span of 170 cm As you can see, the Briton has a good advantage in anthropometry and he skillfully uses this. But it is not difficult to fight at close range. In this respect it is universal.

    Josh Taylor can work as the aggressor, and contracara. It adapts to the style of the opponent. Has a pretty good defense, but sometimes makes mistakes. Of vProwhat, the fighter is constantly progressing.

    Ivan Baranchik professes only aggressive and power box. Protection of his weak, but due to their physics and stamina, the RAM just "moved" their opponents.

    This time the enemy is Belarusian not inferior to him in physics, and in impact strength even superior. Plus, technically Josh is working much better in defense and in attack. Ivan just no keys, by which he can take the victory in this battle.

    We are absolutely confident in the victory, Josh Taylor, but since the coefficient on it is very low, it is possible to include it in the rate of type Express.