Zenit remains the main contender for victory in the RPL 2019

Zenit remains the main contender for victory in the RPL 2019

    March 18, the bookmaker has updated its odds bets on the winner of the Russian Premier League in season 2018-2019. 20 rounds leading Zenit, who remains the main contender for victory in the RPL.

    The odds on the winner of RPL in BC Liga Stavok.

    Standings of the Russian Premier League 2018-2019.

    Who has a chance to win RPL?

    March 17, ended the match of the 20th round of RPL, Russian bookmakers have changed the odds on the eventual champion in line with their results. Krasnodar have lost on the outskirts of Moscow Lokomotiv, and CSKA won a victory over the Urals. Therefore, CSKA Moscow managed to beat Krasnodar players in the ranking of the contenders to win the championship. CSKA broke the second line, as Krasnodar fell to third.

    The match Zenit - Spartak ended in a draw. Because of this, the locomotive toured Spartak in the list of contenders for the title, bookmakers do not believe in the victory of Spartacus and take bets on the win of this team with a higher coefficient than a locomotive.

    Zenit CSKA ahead by 5 points and firmly entrenched on the first line. However, there is still 10 rounds, so the balance of power in the standings may not change in favor of Peterska players. At the moment you cannot write off Lokomotiv and Krasnodar - these clubs are lagging behind the leader by only 6 points, so will be able to compete for the gold.

    Last season's Russian Premier League Lokomotiv won the gold medal, CSKA - silver, and Spartak - bronze. In the championship, Zenit took fifth place, losing 7 points to the leader. Between Lokomotiv, CSKA and Spartak was a minor difference in points is 2, so each of these clubs have retained chances to win until the end of the season. It is likely that rivals Zenit will be able to close the gap and be ahead of the St. Petersburg club in the remaining matches.

    In the next 10 rounds Zenit will hold 2 key match against Lokomotiv (April 7) and Krasnodar (April 21). In our opinion, if Zenit can keep a gap of at least 2 points after the game against Lokomotiv during the 22nd round, the team will be able to win gold. Now the odds for a Zenit win is understated, so it makes sense either to make a bet on the champion CSKA, or to wait for the results of the 22nd round and then bet on the likely winner.