Bad bet a very large sum

Bad bet a very large sum

    In the United States happened quite a funny story. Many times players warn that the true game is, but one of American sports fans know this from their own experience. The man made a bet on the home win in the championship game of the NFL between teams "Seattle Seahawks" and "St. Louise Rams". In the victory of favorites, none of the experts do not doubt. Doubt not our hero, who made a bet of bets with odds of 1.09.


    "Sure thing" turned into a tragedy

    In the result the victory was won by an outsider, creating one of the main sensations of the championship. In principle, nothing unusual in such a bad rate there, and many lose in such a scenario, if not one but, a bet was made in the amount of 165 thousand dollars. The player counted easily earn 15 thousand dollars, but in the end came to grief and lost huge amounts of money.

    It is difficult to imagine what psychological state is the unlucky player who decided to put a huge amount on a seemingly 100% the outcome of the match.

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