Argentina – Croatia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

Argentina – Croatia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

    Аргентина – Хорватия, 21 июня 2018, прогноз и ставки на ЧМ по футболуArgentina

    The second match in the final of the 2018 world Cup one of the strongest teams of South America will be against the Croats. Prior to this, Messi and his teammates will play with the Icelanders. And come the final whistle of the match against "Chess" the fate of first place in group D can be determined. If only the wards Edgegamers will not lose any points.

    During the preparation for the world Cup, Argentina's national team played two friendly matches at the end of March. And these fights were completely different. In the first, the Argentines beat the Italians (2:0). And the second was defeated by the Spaniards – 6:1. But there is one "but". Both meetings due to a small damage missed Messi. The result clearly shows how Argentina depends on the availability of your undisputed leader on the field...


    The path of this European team in Russia was difficult and thorny. In the group in the selection in addition to obvious outsiders, the Croats fought against tough opponents – Turks, Ukrainians and Icelanders. It is the latter they skipped forward in the end. But Croatia has won the right to participate in the joints where her opponent was a tough team from Greece. A team with Modric, Mandzukic and Rakitic in the squad confidently beat his opponent.

    So don't underestimate Croats. May they not the strongest team in group D, but the problem will be able to deliver to any enemy.


    If Messi, Higuain, Di Maria and the other guys from Argentina really dream about the world title, they just have to win every match. So our forecast – P1. Although an easy victory over the Croats Argentines should not wait.

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