Brazil, Costa Rica, 22 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

Brazil, Costa Rica, 22 June 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

    Бразилия – Коста-Рика, 22 июня 2018, прогноз и ставки на ЧМ по футболуBrazil

    Infrequently it happens that one of the Quartet finals of the world Cup come from two representatives of the New world. Much less in such quadruples meet two teams from CONCACAF that have made it to the quarterfinals of the last world Cup.

    Of course, we are talking about the Brazilians and Costa Ricans, who come together among themselves in the second match of the group stage of the 2018 world Cup. The teams know each other at international competitions, which are held in North and South America. But it doesn't change the fact that the Brazilians are the favorite here.

    Team Costa Rica

    Although Costa Ricans can surprise any opponent. For example, the first friendly match they played against the national team of Scotland and inspire them to victory – 1:0. However, four days later they are with the same score lost to the team from Tunisia. But hardly anyone had time to forget how the world Cup in Brazil, the Costa Ricans took the first place in the group with teams from England, Italy and Uruguay. And in the eighth defeated the Greeks in a penalty shootout. So do not underestimate them.


    But still the clear favorite of the match in St. Petersburg is the national team of Brazil. No wonder she's in the middle of March was occupied in the FIFA rankings second place, second only to current world Champions – Germans? So our forecast is simple and obvious – P1, because it is unlikely that Costa Ricans will find something to counter the rampant wards Tito.

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